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Tuesday Aug 8 2017

Looking to welcome the 2017-18 school year in a unique way? The shops at Gardner Village have you covered. Whether you want to treat your child’s new teacher to a little first-day surprise or give your young student something fun to celebrate the season, you’ll find plenty of original ideas that will be remembered long after that school bell rings. 

 caramel apple from chocolate covered wagon

Here’s a happy twist on a long-standing tradition. Give your child’s new teacher an apple…covered in caramel and chocolate. You can’t go wrong with chocolate, and Chocolate Covered Wagon is where it’s at. 

 chocolate covered Twinkie cowboy

Or you can, ahem, Kid around by saying “howdy” with a Twinkie cowboy. 

cleaning supplies from Celebrations by modern display

unique coffee mugs monster bird octopus  

They also have a nifty gifty that puts the ee! in “coffee.” Take a look at these cute mugs. They’re sure to add a splash of whimsy to any teacher’s desk. 

 vintage tea cup and saucer

If tea is more your teacher’s cuppa, you’ll find a sweet, unique assortment of cups and saucers at Aunt Elsie’s Trinkets & Treasures

classroom decorative pillows 

They also have inspiring messages in pillow form, which add a splash of sunshine to any classroom. 


Get your kiddo excited to go back to class with a little school style for their dolly. Georgell Doll Shop has the cutest little lockers for 18” dolls, as well as bitty school supplies. So cute!

 hand crafted laundry detergent

Keep your child’s new clothes looking and smelling their best with hand-crafted laundry detergent from M Soaps. It’s full of the right ingredients and without the harsh chemicals, dyes, and other yucks. 

 bath marbles from M Soap bath bombs

While you’re at it, grab a few M Soaps Bath Marbles for your students or their teachers. With a tag saying something like, “Hope this year is the bomb!,” you can’t go wrong with this sweet-smelling treat. 

 pens pencils markers coloring books

Students aren’t the only ones in need of new school supplies. Grab your kids new teachers a fun set of pens or markers from Lulu’s Boutique and give them something they’ll both use and love. 

 college magnetic poetry kit

Lulu’s doesn’t just cover your teacher gift-giving. You’ll find things for students of all ages, including your baby headed off to college. 

 teacher gift succulents

Upon the Shelf knows it’s important to find cost-effective options when saying hello to your new teachers. That’s why they have lovely classroom ideas that won’t break the bank. Yes, this sign does say $2.00! That’s a screaming deal!

halloween marquee lights decor 

Or you can hold off and get your kid’s teacher something fun later in the year. How does a little school ghoul sound?

 owl handbag

Show your child’s new teacher you give a hoot by giving them a new book bag. Shopaholics has several sassy options.

colorful fabric handbags 

These bags are only $12.50, giving you an A+ idea that won’t cost a bundle. 

owl necklace 

An owl necklace from Plum Dandy is a fine way to show the teacher you appreciate the wisdom she’s going share with your young scholar this year. 

 spa salon gift card aveda skin care products

Getting ready to start the school year is a big job. Take some of that stress away by giving your child’s new teacher a relaxation gift from Cottage Retreat Spa & Salon. From various Aveda products to a salon gift certificate, this is a special way to say hey and welcome the 2017-18 year! 

first day of school gift ideas 

My daughter is starting kindergarten this year. (I can’t believe it!) Wanting to get her a little something special to celebrate this occasion, I picked up a book and a backpack charm from Storybook Nook. Since she’s our little star, I also grabbed her some chocolate stars from Chocolate Covered Wagon. The pretty first-day shirt is from Spoiled Rotten. Hooray for a new school year and making that all-important first day extra exciting! 


childrens art classes at the art cottage 


Speaking of learning, how do weekly art classes for the kiddos sound? It’s happening at The Art Cottage. This field trip will teach your young artists various techniques using different color mediums. At only $7 a class/$28 a month, you won’t have to pay a bundle to experience a bundle. Whether you home school your students or simply want to keep your children engaged after school hours, this is a special way to play and be creative! 


To all going back to school this fall, your friends at Gardner Village wish you well. Here's hoping this year brings you joy, new experiences, and memories to last a lifetime. 



Megan Hoeppner

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