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Chocolate Covered Wagon dipped berries
Chocolate Covered Wagon salt water taffy

Chocolate Covered Wagon Candy Store

Craving some sugary satisfaction? Appease that sweet tooth with a treat from Chocolate Covered Wagon (as seen on The Food Network and The Travel Channel.) Walk in this well-known Utah candy store at Gardner Village and find yourself breathing in the inviting aroma of tasty, handmade treats. Dive right in and help yourself to our free samples. Sit back and watch the almost-hypnotizing effect the taffy puller will have on you as it works nearly non-stop to keep us stocked up on our famous caramel and taffy. (Fun fact: Our taffy and caramel cutter was made in the 1870s.) The only challenge your visit will present will come when it’s time to narrow down such choices as hand-dipped caramel apples, chocolate-covered fruit, phenomenal fudge, caramels you’ll crave, and divine taffy to your final selection.

Among our many mottos are “cane sugar makes the best candy,” “everything is better with real butter,” and “only use pure, natural vanilla.” In other words, our handmade candy is made from the best of the best ingredients so you can indulge in only the finest.

For the best in sweet indulgences at your celebrations, Chocolate Covered Wagon is where it’s at. From their mouthwatering chocolates to their hand-pulled caramels and divine salt water taffy, there are many ways to put delicious finishing touches on your wedding receptions, bridal parties, birthday parties and other fiestas.

If you were to ask us what sets us apart, it boils down to one word—taste. Our Salt Lake area regulars and out-of-town customers tell us this on a daily basis, which couldn’t satisfy our appetite for quality customer service more. Because of this consistent dedication to quality, we were named one of the country’s top 50 Great American Candy Shops in the October 2015 issue of Food Network magazine. Creating memorable delights for you is the sugar on top of the work we do.