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Storybook Nook Books & Toys

Once upon a time, in a Village not so far away, there sat a whimsical shop. In it, all the toys and books any prince or princess could dream of. Now, not just any gifts would do in this kingdom. Only the best in specialty items not found elsewhere in Utah would suffice. A place where all who visited where transported to a magical place of imagination and wonder.

Sound too good to be true? Believe it or not, this special place does exist. It’s just a trip to Gardner Village away. There, you’ll discover this Storybook Nook for yourself. Our small, locally-owned shop is loaded with character, thanks to the numerous classic tales lining our shelves—stories you grew up with and will love sharing with your own children. And we take special care to carry games and toys designed to spark creativity and engage your children in imaginative play.

Children grow up so quickly. We know how important that quality time with your littles is, and we strive to carry items that will enhance that time while strengthening your bond as you create moments to remember. After all, every kid deserves his or her happily every after.

Storybook Nook was named Best Bookstore in the 2018 Best of West Jordan awards.