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Hello, my name is [fill in the blank], and I’m a shopaholic.Welcome! You’re in good company. We at Shopaholics know just how you feel. There’s something wonderfully invigorating about finding that perfect purchase. And when it comes to feeding that addiction, we know just what you need. For starters, a variety of women’s clothing and accessories to choose from—a selection that changes often so you’re never bored and always have options to excite your shopper’s soul. Next, the right price of course, so you can purchase plenty and often without breaking the bank.

Yes, there’s something magical about finding that special piece of jewelry or a purse and getting it for a song. Embrace this feeling. No need to hide behind your computer in anonymous shame. Sure, there may be many options when it comes to online shopping, but with new arrivals coming in our Gardner Village store all the time, we also offer fresh choices with each visit. And you won’t have to play a guessing game on sizing or styling. We have dressing rooms and stylists on hand, so you’ll walk away with something you know you love.

Enablers, you say? Perhaps, but that’s only because we know the joy a new treat can bring, and we’re all for helping you experience such joy. Hello. Our name is Shopaholics, and we love to see you happy!