m soaps by marguerite soap shop

M Soaps

At M Soaps, the scene is clean! As in cleansing soaps and bath products made to support clean living. Every soap bar they offer is handcrafted from natural, responsibly-sourced ingredients, made in small batches to ensure the highest quality right here in Utah. Beyond the impressive assortment of soap bars, you’ll also discover soap kabobs, exfoliating body scrubs, bath salts, and beautiful bath bombs. They're also specialists in CBD body care. The walls are lined with these colorful, handcrafted fizzing spheres that children and adults alike can’t get enough of. They even offer a fragrance-free option for those with sensitivities or who simply want the fizzy fun without the fragrance. There are plenty of options for post-tub time as well—handmade lotions, deodorants, salves, lip balms, and more! Gentleman, you’ll find a complete line of handcrafted care items designed specifically for you, too. (Pssttt… Ladies, the For Him assortment makes perfect gifts for the hard-to-shop-for fellas on your list!) And who says you can’t mix oil and water? Combine a calming soak with any of our natural, handcrafted essential oils for the ultimate in relaxation! Discover M Soaps along the main path at Gardner Village.