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aunt elsies antique store
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Aunt Elsie's Antiques & Consignment Store

We all wish we had her. That cool aunt with the big, old house, just waiting to be explored. The favorite area of exploration? Her attic, of course. In it, a trove of treasures and trinkets sure to make the imagination run wild. Well, we may not be located in an attic, but here at Aunt Elsie’s Trinkets & Treasures Consignment in Gardner Village, you’ll find just such a medley of antique delights to pour over. With everything from beautifully made, solid wood furniture and a wide assortment of elegant old dishes to Heritage brand lace curtains and linens, you can dress your entire home in a feeling of nostalgia.

Do you already have that perfect furniture piece? Here’s an idea you can chalk up as creative: refinish your found item with a fresh coat of color. We carry Rethunk Junk brand paint, which is similar to chalk paint. And we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about using the paint to breathe new life into your current project.

Looking to support your local Salt Lake community while also scoring a unique, one-of-a-kind gift or vintage treasure? Look no further than our handmade jewelry, art, and handmade soaps and lotions, all designed by Utah artisans.

Yes, we can be that cool aunt you long for. In fact, Aunt Elsie was a real person, and she definitely fit the “cool” description. She lived the prime of her life in the 1930s as a military nurse, traveling the world helping our wounded troops. Doesn’t get much cooler than that. Come on in and see the store named after this remarkable woman. It’s better than any attic you’ll find, and it’s a lot more open and inviting, too.