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Gardner Village Blog Find Even More Fairy Fun at the Woodland Fairy Festival
Wednesday May 29 2019


Wow! With a checklist like this, what more is there to discover at the 2019 Woodland Fairy Festival? Believe it or not, there’s a full list of magic left to uncover. But time is fleeting. Our fairy friends will be taking to the skies at the end of the day on June 15, 2019. 

woodland fairy festival 

Beyond the fairy parade, displays, crafts and classes, and shopping, here is more of what you can expect with your next visit to Gardner Village:

1. The A-Z Fairy Hunt

Your search begins at Center Stage (underneath the water tower), where you'll find Fairy A and clues to find Fairy B. From B to C and C to D and so on. It's a lively scavenger hunt that will take you on a flight throughout The Village. Happy hunting!  

a to z fairy quest 

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2. Look & Find at Fairy Island

Fairy Island made its grand debut last spring. Since then, those magical crafters have expanded their island paradise with a second island addition. Stop by the scenic overlook and see if you can find the list of hide-and-seek items to spot on this watery retreat. Happy seeking!

fairy island

3. The Wishing Bridge

We talked a bit about this happy parade stop when discussing the fairy parades happening every Saturday at 1:00 PM. But you don’t have to come at this time to make your fairy dreams come true. Stop by Aunt Elsie’s Trinkets & Treasures during business hours to pick up a wishing ribbon. From there, simply whisper your wishes to it and add it to the bridge for the fairies to retrieve. Happy wishing! 

wishing bridge 

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4. Fairy Names

Have you ever wondered what your fairy name is? Of course! Who hasn’t?! Fairy Name signs are posted throughout The Village that will reveal your alter ego. Happy naming! 

find your fairy name

5. Escape Room

Just in time for the Woodland Fairy Festival, A Great Escape has re-opened their popular Great Fairy Escape room. Help free poor Willow the fairy from the cage that holds her. If you attended last year, you’ll find some similarities but also new puzzles and mysteries to solve. This is one of the only family-friendly escape rooms in the state, making it an extra cool experience for younger and older children alike. Happy escaping! 

A great escape utah

the great fairy escape

6. Fairy Wing Photo Opps

As a photo-loving mama, this has to be one of my favorite festival features--the wing photo opp walls found all over Gardner Village. Happy photographing! 

salt lake area photo ops

7. Unicorn Spotting

Rumor has it, The Farm, a non-profit organization that cares for rescue animals, has a mythical unicorn in its possession. Can you believe it? Stop by during the fairy parade on Saturdays at 1:00 PM (between now and June 15, 2019), and there's a good chance you'll encounter this cutiepie creature. Happy... 'corning?!? ;) 

The Farm

With so much to see and do at the whimsical Woodland Fairy Festival, you'll want to grab your wings ’n’ things and let the fun begin before time runs out. 

Gardner Village

Click here for more information on the Woodland Fairy Festival. 

Megan Hoeppner (AKA Prancing Snow Mushroom) 

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