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A Great Escape - Themed Escape Rooms

Q. What is the key to a memorable day or night outing with family and friends?
A. A Great Escape at Gardner Village, of course!

Oh, sure, the answer to this puzzle may be an easy one, but the same can’t be said for the riddles that await in our four unique escape rooms. Are you up for the challenge? This is your chance to break free from the ordinary outing and do something memorable, connective and exciting! Whether you help find the fortune in Malcolm’s Missing Millions, solve the mystery of Gardner’s Ghost, or make your way through Mystic Manor and the witches that await, you’re sure to see things differently and delight in all the magical details as you get lost in each enchanting story. Speaking of enchanting, A Great Escape is home to the first family-friendly escape room in Utah—The Great Fairy Escape. Now kiddos can get in on the action as they help free little Willow the fairy from the trap that holds her. (NOTE: This room can also be set with puzzles for adults exclusively.) Hurry! The clock is ticking. Each escape is timed and clues are optional. Think you have what it takes to escape?