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Pony Rides & Petting Zoo at Gardner Village

Every day at The Farm, they have the pleasure of watching your little buckaroos light up with delight as they visit the animals. But for as wonderful as this is, it’s the beaming look on your face that brings even more joy. It’s so clear you love seeing your little cowpokes having fun doing something they’ll remember for a lifetime. The fact that we can be a part of that special moment puts a some serious yippee-ki-yay in our day. Thank you!

The joy continues with our behind-the-scenes work. As a private organization located at Gardner Village, The Farm provides shelter, care, and love to animals who’ve been abused or neglected. They give these precious creatures a new lease on life, and they give daily smiles and a worthwhile way to spend time. Part of that time goes towards educating the community on the importance of the proper treatment of animals. And they do this in a way that’s memorable and fun for guests, including opportunities to feed and care for a variety of farm friends (ponies, horses, chickens, alpacas, sheep, and more!). To extend community service beyond their fences, they also have Free Food Friday.

There are so many ways to make memories with us in this Salt Lake area animal rescue, and they're open year round (weather permitting), so you can come on down any time. Whether you pony up $5 to walk through and pet the animals (adult entry $2 with purchase of a child’s ticket) or you saddle up your youngins for a pony ride (starting at $8), you’ll walk away with a unique experience not found in any other shopping center in Utah. Shopping, dining, AND family memories?! Giddy up! Sounds like a root tootin’ way to spend a day to us.

Hours at The Farm:
Open Monday through Saturday, weather permitting.
January-February: Noon to 5pm
March-April: 11am to 6pm
May-October: 10am to 8pm
November-December: 11am to 6pm