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The Gathering Place Liquor Service

We are Pleased to Announce the Beverage Options of The Gathering Place
and are Extremely Proud to Offer the Finest Brands for Your Guests’ Enjoyment.

Beer & Wine Minimum Charge • $300*
Full Bar Minimum Charge • $500*
Bar Set Up Charge • $150*
Bartender Service Fees • $35 per Hour (2 hour minimum) • $25 per Hour Cashier
Cash Bars Only (2 hour minimum)

Call Bar Service
Smirnoff Vodka, Jack Daniels Bourbon, Cuervo Gold Tequila,
Bacardi, Silver Rum, Bombay Gin, J&B Rare Scotch and Seagrams VO
$6 per drink (Hosted Bar Service)*
$7 per drink (Cash Bar Service)

Domestic, Imported & Microbrew Beer
Budweiser, Budweiser Light, Corona,
Michelob Ultra, Cutthroat & Squatters Hefeweizen (Call Beers)
$4 per bottle (Hosted Bar Service)*
$5 per bottle (Cash Bar Service)

Call Wine & Champagne Service
House Wines by the Glass
$6 per glass (Hosted Bar Service)*
$7per glass (Cash Bar Service)

House Wines: Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet & White Zinfandel
& House Champagne
$35 per bottle*

Premium Wine Service Host's Choice: Price Pending

Sommelier Service Available

Additional Services
Sodas, Juices & Bottled Water
$3 each
Coffee Bar
$55 per 25 guests

*Hosted bars are subject to 21% service fee and tax.
Prices subject to change.