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Gardner Village Blog Woodland Fairy Fun at Gardner Village: Happy Activities Await!
Wednesday Apr 26 2017

Fancy a little Woodland Fairy fun? Gardner Village is where it’s at. The fairies are Inn, and there's fun to be had!

It’s like your own enchanting forest, hidden in the heart of the city! Step inside and join the Woodland Fairies for festivities and frolicking. After all, if anyone knows how to have a good time, it’s these seasonal guests!


Here’s a look at some of the Woodland Fairy happenings going on at Gardner Village this spring (April 15–June 24, 2017):


Fairy Parades

Every Saturday at 1:00pm, the fairies gather outside of Spoiled Rotten Children's Boutique for a guided tour throughout Gardner Village. Bring your wee winged ones for a frolicking good time. 


Don’t worry if you find yourself without wings. There are plenty available for purchase at Spoiled Rotten!

Maddy the Autumn Fairy at Spoiled Rotten is always happy to help young fairies get dressed for flight success!

A beautiful fairy carrying a magic bubble wand leads the way!

You just never know who you might encounter on your quest. Fairy bears have been known to give out tasty free samples outside of Chocolate Covered Wagon. Yum in the tum!

Then, of course, The Farm friends find a way to be a part of it all. Rumor has it, unicorns can even be spotted from time to time. As well as this cutie… an alpaca bunny… an alpunny?! Whatever you want to call him, he sure is cute. Just look at that grin! 

The parade route includes an all important stop at Wishing Bridge, where everyone makes a wish on a pretty ribbon and ties it to the bridge for the fairies to gather and grant. What will you wish for?

If a magical bubble wand is what your winged littles wished for, you’re in luck! They’re available for purchase at Storybook Nook. 


Balloon Creations, Fanciful Fairy Games, & Face Painting

Before you leave Spoiled Rotten Children's Boutique following the parade (or, better yet, before the parade begins!), join in the fun just outside the store.


Balloons are magically transformed into any number of mystical wonders. 


Fairy games like hula-hoop and ringtoss are in session. 


And faces sparkle as beautiful hand-painted touches are added.

Speaking of sparkling faces, you can also receive a special fairy kiss across the way at Georgell Doll Shop. You can even purchase a tiny bottle of fairy dust to take home. You never know when you might need a little glittery pick-me-up.  


Story Time

Story time is another precious pause that you might happen upon. Here, we're in Spoiled Rotten. 


This cute kiddo is enjoying the pages of adventure at Georgell Doll Shop. Either way, it's a lovely way to gather ‘round and enjoy the enchantment of it all!


Fairy Crafting

If there’s one thing these tiny springtime guests love, it’s making. Here are a few opportunities to get in on the magic making!


Fairy Garden Classes at Aunt Elsie’s

Craft your own unique miniature forest dwelling for fairies and gnomes to call home. The imaginative staff at Aunt Elsie’s will show you how it’s done and provide all the supplies needed! 


Fairy Doll Design at Pine Needles

If you don’t currently believe in fairy magic, you will after you see how a basic wooden shape can be transformed into the sweetest little sprite. Get the felt kit at Pine Needles, complete with instructions, and craft the cutest tiny companion!


Fairy Wear-y at The Bead Farm

Get your fairy on… literally. Make a vibrant fairy bracelet in your favorite color. Tables are set up outside The Bead Farm on Saturdays or you can inquire within at any time throughout the week.


Get Clean with a Custom Fairy Dust Concoction at M Soaps by Marguerite 

The newest shop to enter The Village, M Soaps by Marguerite, is where you can mix and match your own special blend of delightfully selling bath salts to create a bag of bath time enjoyment. Stop by anytime to enjoy mixing things up with your children!



Dolly & Me Fairy Garden Tea & Fairy House Tours at Georgell Doll Shop

Back by popular demand, Georgell Doll Shop has springtime fairy tea parties available. Contact the store for specifics, and keep your eye on our blog for more on this fun soon, including a look at the newly-remodeled indoor space that makes fairy fun a year-round option to enjoy!


Fairy Displays and the A-Z Mystical Fairy Quest

Don’t forget to read up on these enchanting activities, always on display for free at Gardner Village. (More on displays and the quest here.) Well, “always” being until June 24. Make sure to stop in a for a flight around The Village soon. You won’t want to miss any of the fun! Find more info on all of the happy happenings going on here


Of course, the best part of it all for this mama are the many photo ops around every turn. Seeing such wonder and amazement in child's eyes is such a treat!

All in all, it's a day you won't soon forget! Your Woodland Fairy friends await and hope to see you soon! 


Megan Hoeppner


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