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Tuesday Apr 18 2017

Look who just rolled into town!

Okay, maybe flew is more like it. The Gardner Village Woodland Fairies are back! And, with more fairies and FREE displays then ever, they’ve clearly been telling their friends about their favorite springtime dwelling!

These winged wonders love spending their spring break relaxing throughout The Village. Just like you, they lead busy lives, and have found this to be an excellent place to unwind. No wonder there are never any vacancies at the Enchanted Inn!

From fishing…

to catching some sun…

to people watching...

to chilling in the shade with some fresh lemonade...

...there are plenty of ways for these bitty babes to recharge before they make their big trip north for the summer. 

In fact, The Village has become so popular that more and more woodland fairies are investing in their own spring residences. 

Look high. Look low. There are bitty doors around every bend, waiting to be discovered.  



I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the fairies each of the three years they’ve stopped at The Village, and I can tell you this is the best year yet. With something enchanting to discover around every turn, my daughter and her sweet friend were squealing with delight as they literally danced their way from stop to stop! 

I loved watching the excitement on their faces with each new discovery!

Being a mom on a pretty tight budget, the fact that this is a free way to have fun for the afternoon is all the more magical. 

Plus, it's a photo-op paradise!



Those fairies! They're always up to something! New this year, they've come up with a free game for you and your family to enjoy—A-Z Mystical Fairy Quest! 

Like its miniature occupants, Gardner Village wants to be earth conscious, which means this particular hunt is self guided—no printed forms to fuss with here! Instead, simply start at center court (near the base of the water tower). There, instructions await. 

The youngest of fairies are a bit bashful and prefer to spend their time enjoying the scenery from the safety of their glass outlooks. Seeing you in this way is such a treat for them! Each outlook has a letter attached. Will you be able to spot them all on this A-Z adventure?

Some are pretty camouflaged, so come ready to seek. 



Did you know each of the shops at Gardner Village are independently owned? To see all of the busy store owners welcoming the Woodland Fairies with open arms is such a neat thing. They helped the wee fairies construct homes around their storefronts and made them feel right at home. Their happy attitudes and imaginations help make Gardner Village the unique and charming destination it is!


And, if you remember this post, you know that none of this could happen without Careen Densley and her talented team. They put the main fairy displays together by hand. From the stunning handmade structures to the details on each hand-painted face, the three of them have put hours and hours of work into giving us a experience to cherish long after these pretty sprites take flight. 



Grab that calendar and call your friends. The Woodland Fairies are only at Gardner Village for a limited time. They take to the skies on June 24th. Click here to see a complete list of fairy fun taking place this spring and come play the day away the fairy way.

Megan Hoeppner



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