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Tuesday Oct 23 2018

It’s no secret, witches love crafts. With access to fabric, yarn, paint, and more, the Gardner Village witches can often be found getting their witch-craft on. Now’s your time to join them! Whether you’re looking for a new hobby to take on or you simply want a Halloween worthy project to try, you’ll find a trick to treat yourself with at The Village. 

gardner village witches


If you haven’t been to Pine Needles this fall, you’re missing out. The Halloween fabric assortment alone is awesome! 

2018 halloween fabric

Amidst the magic, you’ll find numerous kits. Everything from spool dolls you can make with your kiddos (SO CUTE!) to full and fabulous quilts. Take a look! 

halloween kids crafts 

wood spool witches

This witch dress for 18” dolls is so easy to make. The fabric is pre-outlined in a pattern form, so you can easily cut it and stitch it into a darling costume for your child’s little friend. 


Don't have a doll? Georgell Doll Shop has you covered with an impressive assortment. 

Georgell Doll Shop 

Quilters, of course Pine Needles has you covered with Halloween quilt kits. 

Pine Needles

witch quilt kit 


Emily and her team at Willow Hill Yarn Company have been brewing up a cauldron of their own. In it, they’ve hand-dyed brilliant yarn skeins. The supply is limited. Get yours while the gettin’ is good.

 hand dyed yarn

Whether you use this cool custom yarn or another variety, Willow Hill has seasonal patterns to try out. Take this witch hat, for example. It was knit! Isn't that neat?! And those pumpkins? Cutest! 

knit witch hat 

diy yarn pumpkins

You don’t even have to have knitting/crocheting know-how to enjoy yarn play. This pom spider can be made in minutes and is so sweet. A spider? Sweet? Believe it or not, yes! ;) 



The Art Cottage is your project place when it comes to paint. From entertaining watercolor courses to happy make-and-take projects, this is a great season to go from broom to brush! 

the art cottage 

As any witch will tell you, your cavern (or gingerbread house or wherever it is you call home) is made extra eerie with something you’ve made yourself. You can stop in and make these wood light designs (only $7.50!) in minutes. No hocus pocus required! 


Suds Love

Phew! Feeling the crafting burn? Time to recharge and unwind with a bit of the bubbly. The bubbly bath, that is. Craft your own bath bombs and witch fizz at M Soaps

bath salt M Soaps

Wouldn't this Witch Dust (bath fizz) make a fun, sugarfree treat to give your coworkers, friends, neighbors, and teachers? And maybe your friendly neighborhood blogger? *wink wink, nudge nudge ;) 

Creepy Crafty Bits

Well, perhaps "creepy" isn't the best description, but Aunt Elsie's Trinkets & Treasures is your source for unique crafting supplies!

crafting supplies vintage

From old keys and coins to arrowheads and badges, there are so many unsual pieces you can use to make spell books, banners, and more. Have fun setting your spooky scene! 

Mix your vintage ingredients with new finds from Simply Flowers. They have tasty delights, including candy corn beads, bitty bones, small pumpkins, and other fillers, as well as floral elements (of course!). 


Beyond the crafty bits, you'll find remarkable inspiration at Simply Flowers. Their handcrafted displays are so cool!


willow hill yarn company

Ready? Are you feeling inspired to give your own witchy craft a try? Now’s the time, and your friends at Gardner Village are here to help. Stop by any time to get started on your own creative spell. 

Megan Hoeppner 


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