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Gardner Village Blog Tips for Setting the Perfect Vintage Holiday Tables
Wednesday Nov 21 2018

It’s Thanksgiving Eve. Do you have your table arrangement planned? Perhaps you’re already thinking ahead to what you’re going to do for your Christmas dinner this year? Either way, the experts at Aunt Elsie’s Trinkets & Treasures at Gardner Village have table tips to try. Whether you want to make your holiday celebrations extra special by incorporating heirloom pieces or you simply want a unique style that combines old and new, these table design ideas will inspire your table time. 

 thanksgiving table idea

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Your Holiday Table Tips

TABLE TIP: Don’t be afraid to add whimsical touches. Just because you’ve put out the fine china doesn’t mean you can’t also reach for your quirky salt and pepper shakers. Doing so adds personality and makes things all the more memorable for guests. 

thanksgiving salt and pepper shakers

TABLE TIP: Embrace color. Whether you stick with traditional holiday hues or branch out, splashes of color are a wonderful way to make things merry & bright. 

vintage dishes

vintage pink dishes

TABLE TIP: Combine old with new. This white plate is Ironstone, a very popular antique English design (available for purchase at Aunt Elsie’s). The red floral dishes are new. Together, they’re a match made in dinner heaven. You don’t have to have a full set of a single dish design to set a complete, formal table. Mixing things up is fun! 

combine old dishes with new ones

ironstone from england

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TABLE TIP: Add textured touches. Vintage linens and trims are unique and detailed. Tie some trim to your candle holders (well away from flames, of course) or place a vintage doily beneath the bread basket. Delicate linens add warmth.

candlestick ideas

TABLE TIP: Capture ambiance with special lighting. Adding an oil lamp is a very cool throwback. Plus, it pairs well with your favorite candles. 

lighting ideas

TABLE TIP: Add different heights. Centerpieces are a great way to give your table a boost where it’s otherwise a relatively flat space. Look for a focal point that will lend lift. The key is not going so high that guests can’t see each other across the table. 

centerpiece ideas

TABLE TIP: Fashion using favors. Adding small wrapped gifts to a tablescape is a sweet way to show guests you love them, and the packaging can make your table all the more beautiful. If you’re looking for a small gift idea, my family likes to exchange Christmas ornaments on Thanksgiving. It’s a fun tradition that helps kick off the holiday season. 

party favors

TABLE TIP: Add glass sass. Combining different drinking glass styles will pack a punch where you place your punch! Mix up the colors, sizes, and even eras. The clear wine glass is from the '60s or '70s, the glorious green style here is from the ‘70s, and the adorable red option is from the ‘50s. 

vintage drinking glasses

TABLE TIP: Don't overthink it. Any effort you put forth will be adored and appreciated. Don't worry about any preconceived notions you might have about what to do and avoid. Instead, simply enjoy the process and the opportunity to gather with those you love.

holiday meal 

 Thanksgiving table design



Good news! All store-owned dishes and linens are 25% off during November. Aunt Elsie’s carries both old and new items. Stop in and get your favorites at a discount before this sweet sale ends. 

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This week, as you prepare to give thanks with those you love, allow us this opportunity to offer our thanks to you for making the holiday season a happy one at The Village. We love being a part of your lives and experiencing the holidays with you. 


“Thank you for the food before us, the friends besides us, and the love between us. Happy Thanksgiving!”—author unknown


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