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Wednesday Jul 14 2021

A magician never reveals his secrets… Or does he? Today, we’re sharing the magic behind the magic at The Prestige: Parlour of Magic. What is it that makes this one of the most memorable nights out in Utah? Let’s make our way towards that answer by first answering a couple of additional questions:


Question #1: When you hear the word “magician,” what comes to mind? Be honest. If thoughts of children’s parties and/or clowns appear, you’re not alone. It’s a common misconception.


Question #2: How about “theater food?” Do you, ahem, conjure up images of chicken and mashed potatoes? Again, a natural response.


Here’s the thing. None of this comes close to describing the quality entertainment and dining you’ll experience at The Prestige (or its sister property, Mystique Dining). Prepare to have your expectations elevated far beyond backyard entertainment and buffet-style food to an unforgettable night out! The Prestige brings you internationally-recognized talent and an executive chef who gives his all to every gorgeous dish he dreams up. Plus, with new headliners brought in from around the world regularly, as well as fresh menu items added often, every visit feels new and enchanting.

MEET Steve Owens: Magician 

Of course, it isn’t just a name on a marquee that makes a magician great. It’s a genuine passion for the craft.


“Nobody gets into the art of magic for the money,” Steve Owen laughed. “The desire comes from the heart.”


For Steve Owens, a recent Prestige headliner, the spark hit his heart at age 12, when his father took him to see David Copperfield.


“It was my 12th birthday,” Steve recalled. “Leaving that show, I just knew there was nothing cooler in the world to be or do. Even though I went the traditional school route, got my business degree, and even started a traditional career, I never outgrew magic. After all, magicians are just a bunch of kids playing.”

And that lighthearted play is felt as an audience member at The Prestige. You can’t help but get swept up in the performer’s enthusiasm.

“I started out as a closet magician,” Steve said. “It was a secret of mine that even my family didn’t know much about. I was a quiet, shy kid… An invisible kid. Magic provided a private escape. Being able to share that with the world now, I hope I can inspire other kids who may be hiding part of themselves in the shadows.”


Watching how a shy kid took a closet hobby and turned it into an award-winning career is enough to inspire anyone. Of course, the example Steve sets to live a life you love is the real magic.


“I finally reached a point where I made a conscious decision to live less inhibited,” Steve said. “Don’t be afraid to do what you truly want to do, and don’t be worried about what people say or think. Every day is the prime of your life and a perfect time to improve and embrace your full potential.”


Who knew you could get such motivational conversation from what started as a simple chat about magic? No tricks or illusions. Just an honest man, willing to be real and vulnerable, in an effort to make a positive impact on others. The beautiful thing is, every magician has a story to tell. Even if they don’t sit down for a conversation, that story still finds a way of revealing itself in the performance as it connects with any audience lucky enough to be a part of it! Thank you, Steve, for allowing us to be a part of your incredible journey, both on stage and off!  


MEET DARWYN FISHINGHAWK: Executive Chef, The Prestige and Mystique Dining

This from-the-heart approach extends behind the scenes at The Prestige, where Darwyn Fishinghawk, the executive chef, puts his love of food into every unique dish he prepares.


“I love the expressions on our guests’ faces when the food is served,” Darwyn said with a smile. “People are genuinely excited by the options and don’t expect the quality they receive. From king oyster mushrooms to duck comfier, it definitely isn’t what most people think of when they think of theater food.”


You can’t simply wave a wand to create a memorable menu. It takes dedication and a desire to constantly set the bar higher. Darwyn and his team certainly possess these qualities.


“We always strive for better. Always. It’s our job to give that to the guest. We enjoy the challenge of pushing our limits within a theater setting.”


Listening to Darwyn describe food, you can’t help but get swept up in his passion.


“Food is really intimate,” Darwyn explained. “You can touch it. Hear it. Taste it. Smell it. We build memories around food. When a guest shakes my hand on their way out, expressing gratitude and sharing stories of how our food took them back to a special place or time in their life, it’s the greatest compliment!”  


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