Magic Show & Dinner at Prestige Magic Lounge


prestige magic lounge and showroom logo Experience award-winning stage magic in a vintage parlour theatre after dining from a distinctive menu of comfort foods. At your liking, enjoy appetizers, specialty drinks, and indulge in a rich gourmet dessert crêpe. Dietary restrictions accommodated.

None of this comes close to describing the quality entertainment and dining you’ll experience at The Prestige (or its sister property, Mystique Dining). Prepare to have your expectations elevated far beyond backyard entertainment and buffet-style food to an unforgettable night out! The Prestige brings you internationally-recognized talent and an executive chef who gives his all to every gorgeous dish he dreams up. Plus, with new headliners brought in from around the world regularly, as well as fresh menu items added often, every visit feels new and enchanting.

Performances nightly. Reservations required for dinner. Recommended for ages 8 and older. Duration - 2.5 Hours.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at The Prestige here.

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