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Gardner Village Blog Meet The Village People
Wednesday Jul 21 2021

So much of what makes Gardner Village special has to do with the passionate people who work here. With more than 200 employees in all, including shop owners and staff, the restaurant crew, event planners, grounds keepers and decorators, management team members, contractors, witches, fairies, elves and more, the happy list is long. Far too long to spotlight everyone (as much as we’d love to!). Instead, we’ve compiled a list of ten individuals and groups who beautifully represent what Gardner Village is all about. Some of these friendly faces have been here just a few months. Others have been employed here for decades. ALL put their hearts into their work, making it easy to see why Gardner Village is known as a magical Utah destination.

Meet… The Village People! 

Place of Employment: Willow Hill Yarn Company
Position: Owner
Length of Employment: 15 years, with 5 of those as owner

Willow Hill Yarn Company 

Q. What's your favorite thing about working at Gardner Village?

My favorite thing about having a shop in The Village is the atmosphere; it’s such a beautiful place.

Q. Do you have a fun or funny moment that stands out to you?

I am a huge animal lover and Gil from The Farm knows that, so whenever he gets a new animal or a baby he’ll go out of his way to stop by and show me. It always brings such a smile to my face!


Place of Employment: Archibald’s Restaurant Previously: Layers Bedding, Naborhood Bakery
Position: Assistant Manager
Length of Employment: 3 years

Archibald's Restaurant

Q: What's your favorite thing about working at Gardner Village?

I love working at Gardner Village and being surrounded by all the history! One of my favorite things is being able to share the building history with guests, whether they're from out of town or have lived in the area their entire lives. It's just a really unique place to work! Of course, my coworkers are great, too!

Q: Do you have a fun or funny moment that stands out to you?

It's hard to think of one specific moment that stands out, but every October is a blast! I love the energy of The Village during WitchFest. It's so fun to experience that every year and be a part of it all.  


Place of Employment: Layers Bedding
Position: Bedding Sales & Design
Length of Employment: 1 month

Layers Bedding 

Q: What's your favorite thing about working at Gardner Village?

My fav thing about working here in The Village is the inviting, magical atmosphere! Every single person who works here is so warm and friendly and welcoming. The girls I work with at Layers are the best! Madelyn, our manager, and Alina, our assistant manager, are so helpful, friendly, patient, hard-working and amazing at their jobs! My coworkers, Shannon and Melinda, are fun, outgoing, and really talented designers. Overall, Gardner Village is an unbelievably incredible place, and I often think that my job is too good to be true — I love it!

Q: Do you have a fun or funny moment that stands out to you?

Well firstly, making and designing beds is sooo much fun, I love being able to help create beautiful bedding with customers. Seeing them smile makes me so happy! I especially enjoy designing display beds with Shannon, laughing and sharing funny stories (and snacks) with the girls. Honestly, every day at Layers is a great day! 


Place of Employment:
 CF Home Furniture & Design (current); Previously: Down to Earth, Management Office, Village Quilt Shop
Current Position: Furniture Sales & Design
Length of Employment: 22+ years

CF Home 

Q: What's your favorite thing about working at Gardner Village?

It has a totally different "feel" than a shopping mall, etc. So many customers have told me over the years that "this is their happy place.” I love stepping back to watch how so many happy memories are made here for families, friends who visit once a month for lunch and during events and those who’ve gathered here for years. It brings me joy to hear people say they remember coming here as a child with their family and now bring their own families. And I adore our "regular" customers who come every Friday night, or once a month, etc. that I've become friends with, along with design clients that are now friends.

Q: Do you have a fun or funny moment that stands out to you?  

It’s actually "moments." There’s a group of three sisters who visit the store from different parts of the state and from out of state. I’ve worked with them for years and always look forward to their visits. They’re cute and witty and it always brightens my work day when they happen in. Now, I can actually find them by simply following their happy laughter. I now consider them good friends!

Speaking of good friends, I also have many fun moments with the wonderful people the I work with in our store. They’re the best!


Place of Employment: Management Office
Position: Social Media Marketing
Length of Employment: 2 years

Gardner Village 

Q: What's your favorite thing about working at Gardner Village?

One of my many favorite things about Gardner Village is that it feels like an Andy Griffith town. Gardner Village is charming and unique. Our tenants, as well as our customers, are friendly and kind.

Q: Do you have a fun or funny moment that stands out to you?  

Fun moments include any type of wildlife at Gardner Village. Levi, from our maintenance team, came into my office holding a bird he caught that had flown into the office. There's never a dull moment, and I love it!


Meet DESTRIE DEE (and her business partner/mama, PAULA STRASBURG)
Place of Employment:
 Boda Bridal
Position: Owners
Length of Employment: 6 years in business; 2 of those years at Gardner Village

Boda Bridal

Q: What's your favorite thing about owning a shop at Gardner Village?

The environment is my FAVORITE!!! I have loved this place since I was a little girl, so it’s been a dream having a store here! It’s surreal. 

Q: Do you have a fun or funny moment that stands out to you?

We have a wonderful time during Witchfest. One of the Gardner Village witches came in and was looking for dresses for her “warlock” she was going to marry. It gave everyone in the shop a good laugh! 

We also love all the little ducks that hang out near our store and on our patio. We’ve even named two of our buddies, “Harold” and “Henry.”

It’s also adorable seeing little girls come in and stare at the dresses, dreaming about the day they can wear one and feel like a real-life princess!


Place of Employment: A Great Escape
Position: Co-owners
Length of Employment: 4 years

 A Great Escape

Q: What's your favorite thing about owning A Great Escape at Gardner Village?

Brett: Love seeing the excitement in people as they work together to solve our rooms.  
Emily: I love how charming The Village is! There’s always something new to discover.
Patrick: Love seeing the kids come out of the 20 min room excited and feeling accomplished.
Meagan: My favorite thing about being at The Village is being a part of all the festivals that I’ve been going to with my family for years.

Q: Do you have a fun or funny moment that stands out to you?

Brett: Favorite memory would be my first year of WitchFest. I thought I was prepared and was totally amazed/surprised by the attendance and excitement.  
Emily: I love it when the ducks come into our shop and make themselves at home. I think it’s funny how every shop owner has different names for the ducks.
Patrick: I would say WitchFest as well. Nothing can prepare you for the amount of crazy that happens in the month of October!
Meagan: My favorite moment is watching adults go into an escape room and losing themselves in the moment and acting like children and having a great time. 


Place of Employment: Down to Earth
Position: Furniture Sales & Design
Length of Employment: 4 years

Down to Earth 

Q: What's your favorite thing about working at Gardner Village?

I love working for a company that values their customers AND their employees. After working many years as an interior designer in a high-end, very corporate furniture/design company, it was a breath of fresh air to be at Gardner Village. It feels like I'm part of one big crazy family here. In addition, when I step outside I feel like I'm at a retreat with gorgeous gardens, birds chirping, trees, and flowers everywhere. 

Q: Do you have a fun or funny moment that stands out to you?

A couple years ago, Lucinda (an iconic witch at Gardner Village) gave each employee some plastic cockroaches at a kickoff meeting for WitchFest. At Down to Earth, we immediately started hiding  them in random places to scare our fellow co-workers. Since then, we always ask for more of our plastic friends from Lucinda for our pranking fun. I personally enjoy putting them in random places  to scare my husband at home. I pretty much get him every time . 


Place of Employment: The Prestige: Parlour of MagicMystique Dining
Position: Marketing
Length of Employment: 9 months

 Mystique Dining

Q: What's your favorite thing about working at Gardner Village?

When I was a little girl, Gardner Village always felt so magical to me. Working at Mystique Dining brings that full circle. 

Q: Do you have a fun or funny moment that stands out to you?

We get to work with many talented magicians who love to show us magic tricks, even on their down time. It makes work a blast. 


Place of Employment: Outdoor Grounds & Decor - Previously: Metal Merchant, CF Home, Down to Earth, Warehouse 
Position: Grounds Manager
Length of Employment: 23+ years

Best places to work in Utah 

Q: What's your favorite thing about working at Gardner Village?

The people I’ve met over the years. I enjoy my coworkers and the many people who have come and gone throughout my time here. People make Gardner Village what it is.

Q: Do you have a fun or funny moment that stands out to you? 

We work outside so we try and enjoy our time together. We like to play jokes on each other to make the work outside fun. I have too many things that come to mind to even put them down here. You may not want to know! :) 


While “all heart” isn’t an official job requirement at Gardner Village, it’s clear to feel that heart in these responses. And to read more than one person say how they loved coming here as a child and now feel delighted to call this their professional home is music to our ears. Maybe the sweet kiddos you come with today will be shop owners or team members or even Gardner Village witches tomorrow. What a neat idea that is! After all, YOU are all our Village People! As a whole, it’s our employees AND our guests who complete the equation and make this a lovely place to call home.


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