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Wednesday Aug 17 2016

If you’ve visited our website, you’ve probably seen this:

It’s an invitation to stay connected with us online through our various social media channels. These symbols are far from foreign these days, but what do they actually mean where Gardner Village is concerned? Let’s find out! Consider this your key—both an answer key that will define these symbols and a key you can turn to start this guided tour of Gardner Village’s social media offerings: 



Stop #1: Google Plus

If it’s reviews you seek, our Google Plus platform offers easy-to-find feedback from guests. It’s a great place to see our average rating and contribute to the conversation with your own two cents. We value the feedback and always love hearing from you! You can also enjoy a virtual tour of Gardner Village from wherever you are, as well as other photos and post updates. 


Stop #2: Facebook

FB is our most eclectic offering. Like the social media melting pot, it’s a place where our other channels come together. If we have a new blog up, you’ll find a link on FB. Our Instagram photos and YouTube videos also stream through this one-stop social media shop. We update Facebook nearly daily. In addition to funneling our other channels through this one, you’ll also find unique postings. Information on sales, parties, special events, and more! 


Plus, FB offers you the opportunity to share what you’re thinking with us. Have questions? Want to share an awesome Gardner Village memory? Looking for a place to voice a concern? We welcome any and all comments. Come to our FB page and share what’s on your mind. 


Stop #3: Pinterest

Like you, we love the sharing of ideas that takes place on Pinterest. It’s a wonderful place to gain inspiration and also find design help, recipes, and more. Did you know we have a Pinterest board dedicated to our Fresh Fruit and Veggie Market, for example? It takes our homegrown market beyond The Village and into your kitchen, offering tips, delicious recipes, and more. And that’s just one of our many boards. We also have boards dedicated to each of our unique shops, home decor, holidays, and other areas of importance to The Village. So if you’ve recently picked up a new sofa table at Down to Earth but aren’t quite sure how to style it so it looks as cute as it did on the showroom floor, check out our Pinterest page and see if you can’t find the direction you seek. 



Stop #4: Our Blog

Welcome to the Gardner Village blog! This stop happens to be my personal favorite, but I may be a bit biased. I've had the pleasure of writing here for nearly two years now and we've yet to run out of ideas. There is so much to see, do, and talk about at The Village. Makes my job and this chance to connect with you an absolute joy! A few fun blog facts:

1. We post weekly.

2. Those posts often include giveaways. This is a great place to win goodies. Definitely keep an eye out during WitchFest in the coming weeks!

3. We bring you monthly Shop Spotlights so you can get to know more about your favorite Gardner Village shops, shop owners and staff.

4. The blog is an excellent place to come for exclusive news and opportunities. This spring, for example, we turned the naming of our special Woodland Fairies over to you, our blog readers. These special Village treasures now have forever names that were dreamed up by you exclusively. That’s pretty neat!

5. This is a great place to stop for plenty of eye candy. Even if you can’t sneak away for some in-person shopping at the moment, you’re sure to find some of the latest and greatest available at Gardner Village right here! We regulary post gift ideas for various special occassions so you aren't stuck trying to think of cool ideas. Stop by the blog before your next trip to The Village and let us help you with that shopping list. :) 


Stop #5: Instagram

Perhaps our most visual of all homes, Instagram is pure eye candy. Scroll through our photos from the convenience of your phone (or tablet or desktop). See what fun is going on at the moment, what goodies are up for grabs in our shops, and what beauty awaits you at The Village. 

Don’t let this be a one-sided experience. We LOVE hearing from you and seeing Gardner Village through your eyes. If you happen to upload a pic of a cute new purchase or your little cowpoke enjoying a pony ride, we hope you’ll tag @gardnervillage so we can take a peek. We may end up paying that fun forward by sharing the image for others to enjoy as well. Looking forward to seeing you!


Stop #6: YouTube

Consider this your GVTV. Tune in to our YouTube channel and checkout special event videos (Witches Night Out, Woodland Fairies Tour, etc.) and other quick clips. 


End of the Line... 

Thus concludes today's tour. Thanks for taking this trip with me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed uncovering the many unique things available to you through the various Gardner Village platforms. Stop by. Say hi. Hit "follow," and let us know what you think. The #1 reason Gardner Village has these accounts in place is to connect with you and become friends both on and off the screens. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


Megan Hoeppner

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