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Wednesday Oct 9 2019

A witch recipe book is full of surprises. Sometimes it’s eye of newt and tail of tadpole...

WitchFest 2019

Other times... well... the story turns a bit sweeter, more savory, and absolutely satisfying to we mere mortals. Believe it or not, witches can whip up concoctions made of sugar, spice, and all the things NICE! Let's explore that more appetizing side of the witch recipe book with this look at some seriously satisfying spells available now at Gardner Village during WitchFest 2019.

It's a WitchFest Feast!

From the added convenience of outdoor food tents and scrumptious seasonal delights to fall comfort food, entertaining shows, and THE BEST in Halloween candy, Gardner Village is one mouthwatering scene.  

Archibald’s Restaurant 

The items you know and love from Archibald’s Restaurant are on the menu during WitchFest. Stop in, warm up, and enjoy your favorite dish anytime during the WitchFest festivities. 

hearty appetizer 

image credit: Archibald's Restaurant Archibald's Restaurant
image credit: Archibald's Restaurant

Mystique Dining

If mystery and magic are what you seek, you'll want to experience Mystique Dining at Gardner Village. This intimate dining atmosphere is an awesome place to spend an October night out (or a night during any month, for that matter). You're served a five-course meal and entertained by a captivating magician. Spots are limited. Check their website to make a reservation. 

Mystique Dining

Chocolate Covered Wagon

It’s candy’s time to shine. No wonder this famous Utah candy shop is jumping. Make anyone’s Halloween happier with one of these mouthwatering specialties: 

fall treats

halloween candy gift ideas

monster mallows

 chocolate covered wagon

Witches Night Out & Wee Witches Weekend Food Tents

Gardner Village knows the popular witchy weekends can sometimes create broomstick jams at its eateries. It’s why things are being taken to the streets this year with extra food service. Now you can grab, go, and get on with the witch show! 

event menu

Halloween Mocktails


I’ll leave you with a little witchy wisdom: It’s considered good luck to enjoy every indulgence that happens to cross your path this season. After all, those witches and their bags of tricks and treats will be gone before you know it. “Bone” appetite! 

Megan Hoeppner

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