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Wednesday May 9 2018

“Everything is so cute! It takes you back to the fantasy of childhood.” I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, but this statement stopped me in my tracks as I was experiencing the Gardner Village Woodland Fairy Festival. 

woodland fairy festival

The whimsy and wonderment of childhood can be found around every corner, making this a delightful escape from the ordinary for boys and girls of all ages. 

fun for boys and girls

fun for young and old

The quote that caught my attention came from Joyce Mickelsen, who was visiting The Village with her husband and grown daughter, proving that this is something all ages will adore. This family makes regular trips from Idaho for medical procedures and likes doing something nice afterwards. On this particular trip, that nice happened to be the woodland fairies. 

utah family outing

“You simply don’t see stuff like this anymore,” said Monique Barteaux, Joyce’s daughter. “You’re never too old to be a child,” Joyce added. “Seeing the old and young enjoying it together… it’s fantastic!”

a real unicorn

It IS fantastic! There is so much to see and do at this year’s Woodland Fairy Festival. Read all about it here and here

meet the fairies

THE Photo Opp Spot

If a gorgeous backdrop is what you seek, Gardner Village in the springtime is your spot. The old buildings, the flowers and pretty landscaping, and, of course, the impressive fairy displays… it all comes together to make the prettiest pictures.

utah photo backdrop

Don't worry if you aren't dressed in your fairy best. Many of our shops carry lovely fairy attire! 

fairy costume

Special spots have even been set up throughout The Village for fairy photo taking, including a charming gazebo with a vintage chair and several winged walls!

gardner village

wing walls


camera shy

Of course, sometimes it helps to call in the experts. Case in point above. LOL If you want a hand in getting that perfect pic or coordinating a family photoshoot, give Camera Shy a call (801.566.2127). They’re an on-site studio and their photographers will gladly join you for an outdoor shoot as requested.

Better Than Yelp

Whether you intend to or not, you can’t help but overhear reactions to the displays as you stroll through Gardner Village. There is such delight in it all, which adds to the happy atmosphere. Here are just a few rave reviews I happened to catch: 

fairy garden

“This is adorable! Look at those little doors. They’re SO cute!” 

fairy island

“Wow! This is so cool!” 

handcrafted fairy displays

“Look, Mom! Look! A fairy!” 

free fairy parade

“I can’t get over how cute it all is. It feels like Disneyland.” 

fairy water exhibit

Ask the Experts

If there’s such a thing as a fairy garden expert, Rhea Sidwell sure qualifies. 

flower crown unicorn horn headband

“This is my mom, Rhea Sidwell, also known as the queen of the fairies,” daughter Cindy Sidwell said with pride as she gave her mom her official fairy crown outside of Spoiled Rotten Children's Boutique. “Children come from all over the neighborhood to see her garden!”

queen of the fairies

When I asked Rhea how big her garden was, she smiled and said, “I have 100+ fairies, gnomes, and houses, plus what I couldn’t resist buying here, today.” Wow! No wonder they call her the queen. This was the family’s first visit to the Woodland Fairy Festival. Did it live up to their standards? “Oh, yes! It’s absolutely wonderful,” Rhea said. There you have it, straight from the queen’s mouth. :)

on the wall fairy garden


Do you share our passion for bitty beauty? We’d love to see your fairy photos on Instagram and FB. Whether they’re shots of you enjoying a flight of fancy through Gardner Village or pics of your personal garden at home, tag us at #gardnervillage or @gardnervillage for an opportunity to be featured on our social channels. 

a to z fairy quest

The Fun Continues

You have until June 23 to take it all in. From free fairy parades every Saturday at 1:00 PM to quick make-and-take crafts outside the various shops and the more in-depth classes offered, this is your chance to find a little magic around every turn. 

diy bath bombs

diy fairy garden

There are sweet fairy treats at Naborhood Bakery, challenging escape-room fun for all ages at A Great Fairy Escape, a free A to Z Fairy Quest… even a chance to deliver your heart’s desire to the fairies at the Wishing Bridge. 

the wishing bridge

Ladies (18+), you can even bust your fairy move at our first annual Fairy Dance Party, while young and old alike can sip “tea” on Georgell Doll Shop's serene back patio, overlooking the new Fairy Island, as part of the Dolly & Me Fairy Tea (beginning in June). 

spring outdoor decor

Fly In Soon

Yes, the magic of the fairy dust in the air can sure be felt at this year’s Woodland Fairy Festival. See a full list of happenings here, and follow Gardner Village on social media for up-to-the-minute updates. Plan a fly by soon. The fairies are waiting to welcome you!

utah springtime family fun


Prancing Snow Mushroom <—My fairy name. Your fairy name is yet another thing you can discover at The Village now through June 23. :) 


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