Gardner Village Blog Under New Ownership: Exciting Things Happening at The Art Cottage
Wednesday Sep 20 2023

What’s new at The Art Cottage? Well, for starters, the owners! The shop was recently purchased by the Miller family. With tremendous appreciation and respect for what The Art Cottage is and has been, they also bring a passion for creativity and fresh new excitement to this classic Gardner Village destination.

 The Miller family

“My husband and I always knew we wanted to own a business together,” said owner Kayley Miller. “We had been talking about it and I randomly happened to look online, where I just happened to see the listing for The Art Cottage. The timing of it all felt perfect… Like it was meant to be, honestly.”

The Art Cottage 

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you set foot in the store. Beyond being a darling spot to learn about art, it’s a happy place to purchase art supplies.

 locally owned business

“The retail space has experienced the biggest change,” Kayley explained. “We want it to offer a little bit for everybody and be more of a shopping destination in addition to a great place to try new things and practice techniques.”

where to buy unique gifts 

art supplies

From fine art items to playful kits and even hair chalks, the shelves are lined with products for creatives of all ages and skill levels.

best drawing supplies

creative party favors

You'll even find ways to express yourself creatively on your person! 

hair chalks 

“Gardner Village is so generational,” Kayley said. “It’s part of what makes this such a special Utah destination. Parents come with their children. Grandparents plan trips with their grandkids. It’s where traditions are created. I want our events to focus more on those relationships and our products to appeal to all ages.”

 top drawing supplies

entry watercolor paints

Speaking of classes, the classes you’ve come to know and love aren’t going anywhere.

best art classes

In fact, they’re expanding to include even more options. There is even talk of a class designed specifically for toddlers and the very youngest of artists.

 paint parties

“As a mom of two, inspiring kids is a priority,” Kayley said. “Regularly practicing art is linked to increased learning abilities and the ability to read more proficiently. Hard to argue with that kind of benefit!”

kids art classes 

With education remaining a priority, the quality the community has come to expect from classes at The Art Cottage remains.

 where to learn art in the salt lake area

“Our paint classes are unique,” Kayley said with a smile. “You don’t come here and sit down to paint the same project as everyone else. You get to work on what you want to work on, making it a very one-of-a-kind experience and outcome.”

 painting classes

Beyond classes, you can also host your next party at The Art Cottage. Learn more about all of the inspiring options on their website.

 unique date night ideas

“Our class schedule is similar to what it’s been,” Kayley added. “But we’ve added a teen class and are looking to add a toddler and pre-school class. Plus, we want to provide more birthday party options and… more of everything, really.”

teen art classes 

You’ll see this community-first focus throughout The Art Cottage. From post cards to paintings, there are striking pieces designed by local artists available throughout the store. You might even recognize a muse or two.

local artists 

Lucinda the Witch

“We love that the art school is a safe space for people to both learn and, if they want, even put their work out there,” Kayley said. “I want to continue with this but highlight our students’ work even more. Sell on consignment more. Make this THE place to find affordable, unique art, designed by local artists.”

I am an artist 

local utah artists

Whether you take home a local creation, one of the many unique gift ideas available, or even a gift card, this is an ideal spot to stop and shop ahead of the holiday season. Better yet, why not pair your purchase with the gift of an experience and also reserve spots for an upcoming class?

 best gifts to give

But… wait! What about the gelato?! Good news! Everybody’s favorite frozen treat isn’t going anywhere.


Yes, it’s hard to miss the new energy behind The Art Cottage when you visit, but it’s also comforting to see how it pairs so perfectly with the sweet things you’ve come to know and adore about this family-owned shop. We can’t wait to see where the Millers take the business next!


“I’ve always had a creative brain,” Kayley noted. “I love design and problem solving. Being able to channel that kind of creativity into managing a business has us very excited and full of ideas that we can’t wait to share!”

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The Art Cottage is open Monday through Thursday from 10 AM to 6 PM and Friday and Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM. (NOTE: Expect extended hours during WitchFest.) Visit their website to sign up for a class or make your next party reservation. 

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