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Wednesday Feb 8 2023

Q. Does Gardner Village put the SWEET in sweetheart?

A. Totes!

conversation hearts 

This time of year, Chocolate Covered Wagon and Happy Camper Deli and Bakery at Gardner Village are your go-to spots for Cupid-level cuteness.

best spot to buy valentines day treats in utah 


Actually… on second thought… a little heartbreak will add some serious fun to Valentine’s Day gift giving with these new Treasure Hearts at Chocolate Covered Wagon, inspired by their always-popular Dinosaur Egg Treasure Hunt treat. 

treasure egg hearts 

Select from small, medium, or large and get crackin’. Each egg comes with a bitty hammer (a kid fav feature) and is loaded with added treats and surprises.

great valentine idea for kids 

These are popular sellers. If you want to ensure your arrow hits its target in this heart, our friends at Chocolate Covered Wagon suggest calling ahead to place an order. There are some available for walk-ins, but they fly off the shelves fast.

cool candy 


Planning a special Valentine’s Day breakfast for the family? Maybe a sweet surprise for the kids’ lunches? How about upping your dessert game for that big date night you’ve got planned? No matter your meal feel, the Happy Camper Deli and Bakery has so many delicious options!

local bakery in Salt Lake area 

valentines day breakfast ideas

Nothing would make a kid's day quite like a Valentine's Day cake pop waiting in their lunch box, and these fit perfectly in a snack-size baggie. Why not throw an AMAZING red velvet cupcake in for the teacher while you're at it?

gifts for teachers and neighbors on Valentines


Fill the air with love and spread a little extra kindness with a treat for your gal pals, coworkers, teachers, neighbors, and other loves in your life.

best caramel apples in Salt Lake

beautiful sugar cookies

chocolate covered fruit 

Don’t forget the pups! Chocolate Covered Wagon has freshly dipped dog bones. (Yes, they are 100% safe for Fido.)

candy treats for dogs 


Nothing puts love in the air quite like candy details. Fill a few jars with splashes of red and pink and add a little extra taste to your place!

valentines day decorating ideas

valentines day candy jars

FUN FACT: The heart-shaped jellybeans are from Jellybelly, and boy are they TASTY!  


Satisfy that sweet tooth and treat your sweetheart to a special surprise from Chocolate Covered Wagon and Happy Camper Deli and Bakery. It’s an easy way to win some brownie points and make this a Valentine’s Day to remember!   

chocolate covered wagon and happy camper deli and bakery

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