Gardner Village Blog Top 10 Must See, Completely FREE Fairy Fest Activities
Wednesday May 18 2022

Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. Welcome to GVA — Gardner Village Air. Put your tray tables in the upright and locked position. We’re about to takeoff and… Hold the phone! This flight isn’t of the tray-tabled variety, and there shall be no “fasten seatbelt” lights. This flight of fancy is 100% carefree and a surefire way to earn your wings. Welcome to…

The Woodland Fairy Festival! May 14-June 18, 2022

Every spring, fairy dust gets sprinkled across Gardner Village and tiny inhabitants make for BIG fun! Have you experienced the enchantment for yourself? Here’s just some of the magic you can expect:



Elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist… Time to perfect that wave. This parade stars YOU!


Every Saturday at noon, through June 18, our fairies gather outside of Spoiled Rotten Children’s Boutique and take off on a memorable trip throughout The Village. With stops including the Wishing Bridge, Fairy Island outlook, and our quaint center court stage for a dance party, this glided tour is sure to put a little twinkle in your step...and a bunch of new photos on your camera roll!.



Your upcoming trip to the Woodland Fairy Festival could prove a bit jarring. No, that’s not turbulence. It’s an alphabetic assortment of bitty fairy friends, residing in strategically placed jars throughout The Village. Think you can find all 26 A-Z inhabitants? The fun starts at the small cottage on the stage in center court (near the water tower).



Consider this your direct line to genuine fairy magic. Pick up a wishing ribbon inside Seven Gables Mercantile and tie it on the Wishing Bridge line. Simply whisper your heart’s desire as you tie and let the fairies do the rest!



Uncovering your fairy name is easy, but you have to visit to crack the code. Look for these signs throughout The Village and have some fun playing the Find your Fairy Name Game.



Fairy gardens have really taken flight in recent years. Take in our handcrafted displays located in various spots along our Village paths, and leave inspired to add some miniature magic to your own yard.




You’ll even find fairy garden fixtures in our various shops, so you can easily create a whimsical spot for the fairies to land.


Do you see what I see on the fairy high sea? Give this game of spy a try. Isle bet you can’t find every item on the list!


 “I threw a wish in the well. Don’t ask me, I’ll never tell…” (Care to name that tune?)

Perhaps this is more your speed? “I’m wishing. (I’m wishing.) For the one I love. To find me. (To find me.) Today.”


No matter your taste in tunes or the wish in your heart, you’re going to want to stop by one of two wishing wells 


Okay, so this isn’t a formal item on the agenda, but you’re bound to be inspired and entertained by our fashionable fairy guests.



Even the four-legged fairy friends have landed for a Village stroll.


No wings? No prob, Pooh Bear. ALL happy costumes are welcome and add to the ambiance!


Wings at the cleaners? You’ll find the finest in fairy fashion at Spoiled Rotten Children’s Boutique, Lulu’s Boutique, and Storybook Nook.


9. Fairy Kisses

Pucker up, buttercup. Adding a little sparkle to your life is easy with a glittery fairy kiss. Stop by the kissing booth outside of Spoiled Rotten Children's Boutique on Saturday mornings and early afternoons during the festival for your smooch.



As promised, everyone who flies GVA earns their wings!


Want a few frequent flyer miles? There are actually different wing photo ops placed throughout The Village. Think you can find them all?


Care to share a pair? Post your festive pic(s) on social, tagging us. Our fairy dust potency goes through the roof when we see you enjoying the enchantment! And we just might share your pair (of wings) on our online channels! 


Guess what?! Every activity on this list is fairy FREE, leaving you with spending money to support our local shops and business owners who make all this possible! Fly by and enjoy the enchantment today! 

More in Store

Good news! This is a roundtrip flight. Join us next week for a look at more fun to be had at the 2022 Woodland Fairy Festival. Can't wait? Wave your wand and click here for all the deets.  

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