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Friday Apr 19 2024

If you’re looking for a new hobby to try, this one is on point! It doesn’t require a bunch of supplies. It's small enough that you can easily store it and take it with you on the go. And, of course, it’s FUN! What is it, you ask? Why cross-stitch embroidery, of course!

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Did you know Pine Needles actually started out as a needlepoint store and grew to become the all-things sewing oasis it is today? Sandy, the shop’s owner, and her team have loved seeing the resurgence in cross-stitch popularity.


“It started with the pandemic,” Sandy recalled. “Suddenly, people couldn’t seem to get enough of this hobby, which is a trend that continues today.”

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Let’s look at a few things that make this hobby special.


You can make something, frame it, and you instantly have a beautiful, heartfelt gift to share with someone special. Of course, there’s no shame in keeping your masterpieces to display in your home as well. They definitely brighten up any wall they grace.

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You can work from one pattern or combine several smaller patterns to create a scene. That’s how this adorable beach boardwalk came together. Just think of the Christmas-village potential here! You’ll find plenty of seasonal selections at Pine Needles.

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beach cross stitch pattern


There’s something very relaxing about losing yourself in a cross-stitch project. Plus, it’s such a compact hobby that you can carry the calm with you for crafting on the go.



Q. What do I need to get started?

A. Very little, actually. You’ll want some tapestry needles, a fabric base with holes to stitch into (such as aida), scissors, and thread. A pattern is also a good idea, though not necessarily required. We sell numerous designs to get you started, including small ones that provide a great entry point.

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Q. What about a hoop? Doesn’t this form of embroidery require an embroidery hoop?

A. Not necessarily. Hoops are definitely a preference thing. Some needle artists use them every time. Others never work with one. It does make a great tool when you’re first starting out, both to secure your fabric in place and also to help you decide which camp you subscribe to – hoop or no hoop.

Q. Can I cross-stitch into any fabric?

A. Technically, yes, but this art is typically done using aida cloth or linen. For those just starting out, we suggest a 14 count aida cloth, which has easy-to-follow holes/squares that align well with patterns.

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Q. How do I know what thread to use?

A. Patterns commonly list the embroidery floss you need. Some even source DMC colors/numbers, making it easy to locate what you need. We carry a full assortment of DMC. If you want to try something new, we also offer gorgeous hand-dyed threads!

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Q. Do you offer cross stitch classes?

A. Not currently, but we do host a Sundown Stitchers group once a month. This is an open, free gathering where you can bring any project to work on. We have employees available to answer questions and offer suggestions. More than anything, it’s just a very fun way to connect with other crafters and enjoy some time together. No need to sign up in advance. Just come as you’re able. You can learn more on the Pine Needles events calendar. 

Recently, Craft Center, a well-known cross stitch store in Utah, closed when the lovely owner retired. To help fill the void, Pine Needles has increased its product offering even more. Find numerous threads, supplies, and patterns in stock, including a bunch of brand new patterns that were released at Cross Stich Market this spring.

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We hope to see you at a future Sundown Sitchers gathering soon. In the meantime, visit Pine Needles for more on this happy craft. 

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