Gardner Village Blog The Woodland Fairy Festival is Back
Thursday Jun 13 2024

Run, don’t walk… Better yet, FLY. The Woodland Fairy Festival is back at Gardner Village. The wings are in full swing now through June 29.


This flight of fancy includes fun for the whole family. Let’s take a look at just some of what you’ll find when you visit the Woodland Fairy Festival this month.

image credit: Cami Haderlie Photography (@camihaderliephotography


This part of the festival gets better and better with each passing year. Each inspiring piece is handcrafted and sprinkled with magic. Look high and low. You’ll find surprises around every turn.

image credit: Cami Haderlie Photography (@camihaderliephotography)


image credit: Cami Haderlie Photography (@camihaderliephotography


By land AND by sea, the fairies even have an island paradise to explore. Visit the lookout point outside of A Great Escape for a list treasures to spot.



Every Saturday throughout the festival, fairies gather at high noon outside of Spoiled Rotten Children’s Boutique and bring Gardner Village to life with the fairy parade. Come dressed in your fairy best and join in the whimsical wonderment. With stops at Fairy Island Lookout, the Wishing Bridge, and more, you’ll give your wings the best of workouts.  

image credit: Cami Haderlie Photography (@camihaderliephotography

image credit: Cami Haderlie Photography (@camihaderliephotography

image credit: Cami Haderlie Photography (@camihaderliephotography

image credit: Cami Haderlie Photography (@camihaderliephotography


Woodland fairies are wish experts. Seize this opportunity to wish upon a ribbon then tie your heart’s desire to the Wishing Bridge for the fairies to gather. Find your wishing ribbon inside Seven Gables Mercantile.


On Saturdays this month, we’ve invited local talent, food trucks, and more to add to the atmosphere of it all.


You’ll also find activities throughout the week, including Little Buckaroo Petting Zoo, Ricochet Canyon amusement, and train tours at The Train Shoppe.



The Woodland Fairy Festival has become a popular family tradition. Lorrie first started attending six years ago with her daughter October. Since then, she and Lee welcomed a second baby girl, Michaela. They now continue visiting year after year, with this being the first year Lee joined in on the fun. We love stories like this and learning about how the fairies have impacted your traditions and memories.


From left to right, Honeysuckle, Lee, October, Lorrie, Michaela, Puddles, Roseberry, and Jubilee.  

We’re taking this annual event to new heights with fairy fun around every corner. In fact, there’s so much to cover that we’re breaking it into a two-part blog series. Check back next week (June 21) for more! In the meantime, we can’t wait to see you at the Woodland Fairy Festival soon! Learn more here

image credit: Cami Haderlie Photography (@camihaderliephotography

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