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Friday Apr 5 2024

Looking for a bedding update? Our friends at Layers Bedding are here to show that an update can be as simple as swapping out a few of your pillows—a great option if all new bedding isn’t currently in the budget. A little pillow play is all you need. Watch as we update the look of this bed without touching the blankets and quilts.

 how to style pillows

Pillow Grouping 1: Neutral Knowhow

A monochromatic look can be so soothing. Especially when the shades are warm neutrals like this assortment.

bee trend 

neutral bedding

What’s Included?

  • Two Dutch Euros
  • Three Euros
  • Two throw pillows
  • One lumbar pillow

pillow options

Pillow Grouping 2: Introduce Color

The cream Dutch Euros were swapped out for green, which is a great way to take a winter feel into spring.

lumbar and euros 

double sided pillow

Pillow Grouping 3: The Power of Pattern

This time, the larger Dutch Euros were swapped for two Dutch Euros. If this were a king bed, you’d want to opt for three Euros to better fill the width, whereas you could get away with just one Euro on a twin.

spring 2024 beddingBy sizing down, the look of the bed changes. This is a favorite approach for those who don’t love a prominent pillow placement.



If you look closely at Groupings two and three, you might notice a subtle shift in the striped throw pillows. Believe it or not, these are the same pillows, but the shams are double sided, with one side slightly darker than the other, making this a bonus way to change the vibe. All you have to do is turn the pillow over!

versatile bedding 

Layers Bedding carries various double-sided options if this approach interests you. Here’s another look at one they have in store now.

 double sided sham


Pillow Grouping 4: Size Wise

Switching the 22” throw pillows for the smaller 20” pillows add that much more contrast in size. This is an easy way to create a fresh look.

 how to make a queen bed

Pillow Grouping 5: Color Blocking

By swapping the neutral lumbar in the front with a more playful pattern, this bunch of pillows now feels more symmetrical. That comes from the green color blocking in the front and back, which holds everything together like two beautiful bookends.

 layering pillows

Even if you were to simply swap out your lumbars and/or throw pillows from season to season, your bed is going to have a burst of energy and easily align with the seasons.

 springtime lumbar pillows

Bonus Idea

Want to take the updates to the next step? Swapping out your throws is another quick way to work some magic. Look at how much this bed changes by replacing the neutral throw with two darker colors. By twisting the two throws together, you get more height and that much more texture—two great things!

 layering with a throw

Pillow Power

Any way you choose to mix your pillow placement up, you’re sure to end up with a fresh feel without having to totally re-do your bedding. The reason this works so well is because pillows are a natural focal point on a bed. Whether you bring in more color, pick a few patterns, or update size/style, your pillows will do all the talking.

 how to make a bed

Layers Bedding is getting new pillows in all the time. Come in soon to see the latest and find ways to breathe some new life into your linens.

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