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Wednesday Dec 5 2018

Reindeer aren’t the only ones who like to play games.

Gardner Village

The Gardner Village elves are always up to something fun, and this year is no exception.

Santa's Elves

As part of the free elf displays throughout The Village during 2018, you’ll find elves enjoying all sorts of entertaining activities, from baking cookies to making s’mores and ice skating.

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Of course, it isn’t all fun and games. Santa’s Utah crew also works hard to ensure the big guy's rooftop stops are flawless.

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From testing toys and selling trees to decorating and wrapping gifts, this team doesn’t mess around when it comes to Christmas business. 

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Well... they're working hard most of the time! 

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E.L.F. must stand for “Elusive Little Friends,” as the Gardner Village Elves like to keep you guessing with the free Elf Scavenger Hunt. (Print your form here.)

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Even if you’ve you’ve mastered it in the past, you’ll quickly discover the elves have mixed things up this year, choosing new places to work and play. 

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Download your free scavenger hunt form here and let the games begin! 



Think you have the know-how to find every elf? There’s a scrumptious piece of salt water taffy from Chocolate Covered Wagon in it if you do. Yum! Simply take your completed scavenger hunt form to them to collect your lump of   cole   candy! 

famous salt water taffy


Well, if you wear an ugly sweater that is. Your friends at Chocolate Covered Wagon will give you a free cup of hot chocolate if you come in wearing your best dressed ugly sweater. 

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Whether you take your favorite kiddos or go with grown-up friends, Gardner Village is a wonderful place to make merry this season. Don’t forget your camera. There are many nice spots to take a snapshot. After all, it’s not every day you get such a look behind the scenes of Santa’s workshop right here in the Salt Lake Valley! 

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The elves aren't the only ones helping Santa. You can give him a hand do some toy shopping while you're visiting The Village. Georgell Doll Shop is a great place for your children warm up while you shop right under their red little noses. (Shhhh!) How, you ask? There's a safe and secure area in the back of the store where children can color while their grown ups make their lists and check 'em twice. But, first, walk around the store together and get an idea of what it is your youngsters respond to. Then send them on their way and do it to it. Speaking from firsthand experience, this is a holiday miracle! ;) (NOTE: Coloring only available when the space isn't being used for a private event.

georgell doll shop


You likely have holiday shopping left. Why not break free from those big boxes, mix things up, and make the experience a FUN one for the entire family? Gardner Village is your place to make Christmas memories that will last long after the gifts have been given. Of course, you'd better hurry. It won't be long before Santa's elves settle in for a loooong winter's nap and retreat for another season.

and to all a good night

Megan Hoeppner


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