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Gardner Village Blog Table Talk: 10 Tips for Setting a Striking Thanksgiving Table
Tuesday Nov 8 2016

Let’s talk tables. This month, the table serves a key role in our celebrating. It’s the place we gather with those we love to give thanks and enjoy a bounty of blessings. Being such a prominent ingredient in our Thanksgiving celebrating, it’s no wonder we want it to look gorgeous. Whether you’re looking for fresh ideas for using what you have or want to add some new pieces to the mix, we have several table settings from CF Home and Down to Earth at Gardner Village to get you inspired.


Table Tip #1: Mix Textures

Add warmth to your table before a single hot dish is served by mixing linens. Layer various colors and textures to create a statement. The orange napkins pop against the neutral placemats. And have you ever seen a more gorgeous table runner than the knit bit peeking out here? For added personalization, visit Kamille's and knit or crochet your own, one-of-a-kind table treat! 


Table Tip #2: Drape Scape 

Look closely. Do you see what I see? Yes, it’s a scarf being used to add texture (hello, tip #1!) across the center of this gorgeous table setting at Down to Earth! It’s a simple yet effective approach I LOVE. Scarves are long and light—just right for draping some warmth without the need of a full tablecloth. Check out Lulu's BoutiquePlumb Dandy, and Shopaholics for cozy options. 

Dish towels are another excellent draping option. Especially if they add a sweet sentiment to your scene in the process. This one is from CF Home. You’ll find other gorgeous options at Layers Beautiful Bedding and Celebrations by Modern Display


Table Tip #3: Give High a Try

Play with different ways to raise. Especially if your approach is food on the table vs. buffet. This will free up space for dishes while also adding beauty. 

Give your table a creative boost by incorporating less expected items into your stack, such as this old book (which is actually new and available at CF Home if you'd like to re-create this look). 


Table Tip #4: Add Chair Flair 

Have extra guests coming to dinner? Forget those folding chairs. Stylish overflow seating could be right in front of you. Pull up those pretty arm chairs. Grab the bench from the entry way. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. With a few pillows thrown in, it will create eclectic elegance and charm!


Table Tip #5: Pick a Theme

A theme? For the table? Really? Yes! Absolutely! I'll admit, this felt a bit over the top to me at first, but the proof was in the pudding. The themes of these beauties is clear and makes each setting feel cohesive and polished! I realize it's an easy craft to master and can sure simplify the selection process.

Popular looks this year include: WOODLAND/FOREST (hello, cute critters!)...


...METALLICS (the shine is divine!)

...and CLASSIC CLASS (you can’t go wrong with turkey, pilgrims, pumpkins, and other Thanksgiving staples!) 


Table Tip #6: Play with Plant Positions

Serve up a little fall foliage. Stretch a skinny planter along the center of those longer tables. 

For smaller tabletops, a lantern full of pumpkins is an easy pop of color to add without taking up much space.


Table Tip #7: Stack and Serve with Style

If your approach the big feast in a buffet fashion, think of small details that will up the class. Instead of simply stacking the plates on the counter, grab a sweet tray, add a decorative something (vase, succulent, pumpkin, etc.) and transform the plate place from blah to ah! 

And whether you have the condiments on the buffet or on the table, look at serving them in pretty dishes and bottles. Salad dressing, oil, vinegar, and other liquids would look great in these glass bottles from CF Home, which come in cute crates! 


Table Tip #8: Embrace Ambiance

Mood lighting can make any space feel special-occasion ready. Don’t hesitate to bring in a few lamps from other rooms and use them in place over standard overhead lighting. If you love the idea of a candlelit celebration, opt for these flameless varieties. They add to the atmosphere without the fire factor—a great Kids’ Table choice, too! 


Table Tip #9: Give A Nod to Natural & Neutral

From wood serving platters to tree branch decor, natural elements will capture that fall feeling. 

Working with white, cream, and other neutral shades adds a calm class to your design.

Table Tip #10: Make it YOU

At the end of the day, if your space makes you and your guests feel comfortable and happy, you’ve succeeded. This isn’t meant to be a contest in who can set the most elaborate table. It’s just meant to show you options and help inspire you as you decorate, whether you’re buying new pieces or simply looking to refresh what you have with a different arrangement. After all, grateful hearts are happy hearts, no matter where they’re seated. 

Megan Hoeppner

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