Gardner Village Blog Ricochet Canyon and The Farm Come Together
Wednesday Aug 23 2023

If you’ve been to Gardner Village recently, you might have found yourself asking where The Farm Animal Rescue went. It’s still here! It has just moved directly north of its previous location and is now part of Ricochet Canyon.

Why the move? Ricochet Canyon now sponsors The Farm, providing an important opportunity for growth, support, and collaboration! In its new location, they're better able to support the animal-rescue efforts and all related ventures with more room, in a space that has been designed with the animals' needs top of mind.

This gives every animal a loving place to reside and be cared for until they can be adopted and find their forever homes. This also means an even better experience for you when you visit the Little Buckaroo Petting Zoo and connect with these loving creatures, along with all of the other fun options Ricochet Canyon has to offer!



Besides being home to The Farm Animal Rescue, Ricochet Canyon is an amusement park right here at Gardner Village. This family-friendly spot offers rides for all ages, as well as pony and horse rides, memorable birthday party packages, and a special place to simply enjoy time together without having to travel long distances.


Ricochet Canyon is home to the Pony Carousel, Ricochet Canyon Railroad, a roller coaster, and horse and pony rides. Plus, there’s a playground for kiddos, seasonal entertainment, and the Little Buckaroo Petting Zoo.   


Right now, purchase an amusement park punch card and your already-low admission fee is waived. The punch card is your ticket to ride attractions and enjoy activities. Of course, you can also simply pay the low admission fee (no punch card) and enjoy all-day access to the Little Buckaroo Petting Zoo and playground without the rides if that’s more your speed.



Best of all, a part of your money goes towards caring for the rescue animals, so you can have a great time AND make a great difference! For even more opportunities to give, you can also make a donation when you visit.



As mentioned, this is a great place to host your next birthday celebration or gathering. Visit the website for more information on taking your party planning to the next level and schedule a reservation.



Saddle up for fun and visit Ricochet Canyon soon. New attractions are already being added, making this a prime spot to visit again, even if you have already stopped by. Plus, it’s all about supporting those darling animals, isnt’ it? Thank you for being a part of this worthwhile mission and The Farm community! 

Thank you to @SLCmoms (on Instagram) and Nicole Neff for providing many of the images used in this post. 

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