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Wednesday Mar 22 2017

Giddy up! The party is on at The Farm at Gardner Village. If you want a truly memorable place to host your next get together, this is it!

It puts a little bit of country right in the heart of West Jordan city. It isn’t every day kiddos get the chance to hand feed animals, gather eggs, and ride ponies, but they get to here. All of this fun and so much more is included with a Pony Party at The Farm!


Birthday Attire

First thing’s first—if you're hosting a birthday party, your cute cowpoke is given some birthday attire. A crowned cowboy hat? Doesn’t get much better than that! A pink hat for my cowgirl! 


Feeding Time

There are usually baby animals who are happy to be fed. This is your chance to give them their grub. 

As an important side note, The Farm is more than just a petting zoo. It’s a rescue farm, where animals go to get a second chance at life. See precious this baby calf (below)? It was born with a severely damaged leg. The farmer was going to put the sweet thing down but called Gil instead, just to see if there was a chance he wanted to take this sweet babe in. Of course he did. And now, the love is being bottled fed to strength. What a neat gift! 

Feeding isn’t all just milk. Horses are treated to handmade caramels from Chocolate Covered Wagon. Talk about a sweet gig! 


Egg Gathering

If eggs are in waiting, your party goers can experience what it’s like to gather freshly-laid eggs. The hens weren’t in the laying mood during our visit, but we did get to see and visit with fine feathered friends!


Petting Play

Many unique and beautiful animals call The Farm home, including alpacas, goats, pigs, horses, bunnies, chicks, ponies, and more! This is an opportunity for your baby to pet farm babies. So neat! 


NOTE: The animals at The Farm are rotated in and out of this space. They also spend time at a private location, giving all animals a balance of time and space. 


Roasting & Toasting

The awesome farmhands on site will get a bonfire going so your guests can enjoy roasting mallows or hot dogs. It’s a fun way to toast the birthday girl or boy! 


Tent Time

There is also a party tent on site that you’re welcome to decorate and fill with your own party faire—decorations, gifts, food, etc.. 

There's a chalkboard on the wall you're welcome to personalize, too! 

A party was just getting underway as we were leaving, and they had these yummy treats as part of their spread. 

Isn’t the pony cake the cutest?


Play Options

There are several small toys set up throughout The Farm, which offer added entertainment. It’s nice for the youngsters who may have shorter attention spans. 


Saddle Up

Of course, what would a Pony Party be without pony rides. Experienced volunteers and staff are on site to take guests on pony rides throughout the village. What an excellent photo op and fab experience for kiddos! 

All riders are supervised by sweet and passionate farmhands. They crack jokes, serenade riders (I'm not kidding!), and so much more, all to put young riders at ease!

The Farm is managed by Farmer Gil. It’s clear he loves what he does. Three animals are currently with child, with a horse in labor. That poor horse has been in labor for going on two weeks. Gil spends every night sleeping out at The Farm, just in case the baby decides to come in the off hours. If that isn’t devotion and working from the heart, I don’t know what is. 

Spring Carriage Rides

Spring is a great time to get an added Farm benefit—horse-drawn carriage rides throughout The Village. Whether hosting a party or simply visiting The Farm as part of your Gardner Village journey, this is a neat option available to you!


Let the Planning Begin

To learn more about hosting, call or visit The Farm today. You’ll be glad you did!


Megan Hoeppner


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