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Gardner Village Blog Introducing A Great Escape, NEW At Gardner Village
Wednesday Apr 11 2018

Think you have what it takes to escape?! 

“I’m obsessed with mystery shows, and this was like experiencing one in real life!” Bailey Martin exclaimed as she and her Stansbury High friends escaped with just two minutes to spare. They were the first group to successfully complete Malcolm’s Missing Millions room, one of four new escape rooms at A Great Escape at Gardner Village! 

salt lake escape room

Whether you’re teens on a group date, such as these fun prom goers or you’re an adult, looking for something different to do, an escape room is a unique and memorable way to spend time together, testing your puzzle solving skillz. 

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The Great Fairy Escape: A First for Families!

Guess what?! Kids can now get in on the act. A Great Escape is the first escape room in Utah to offer such puzzle play for children and families with The Great Fairy Escape. 

the great fairy escape

Oh no! Poor little Willow needs your help. She’s been locked up and only your smarts can set her free. 

willow the fairy

This sparkling space is designed with school-aged children in mind, but younger kids can get in on the action if they want to join their families. And, as an added bonus for escape enthusiasts, the room can even be altered for teens and adults. Talk about magic! 

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Pssst… Watch for a Hansel and Gretel themed room to take this space when The Village Witches arrive this fall. 

magic potions

Behind the Escape

Can you imagine working with your sibling and spouse every day? For some, it might be a dream come true. For others… well, maybe not. Good thing it works for husband-and-wife duos, Patrick and Meagan (left) and Emily and Brett (right). Adding to the family dynamic, Brett and Meagan are siblings. This is the group's first business venture together, and they’re having a blast. 

family owned business

“We’ve wanted to do a business of some sort together for a while now,” Meagan said. “We love going to escape rooms, so this seemed a perfect fit!” 

Even the youngest member of the family, Beckham, is getting in on the act. Awwwwww! 

a family adventure

“It’s so fun to be at Gardner Village,” Emily added. “We’ve always shopped here, and now we’re a part of it all. It's a dream come true!”

Immerse Yourself In the Story

The family’s chemistry and passion are evident. These escape rooms are loaded with details and special effects that you don’t often see in the escape room atmosphere. 

solve puzzles

“We want our guests to walk in and immediately feel like they’re part of the story,” Brett said. “Keep your eyes and minds open and see things as you haven't before. This is an opportunity to put phones down and simply enjoy some magic and mystery and time together.” 

finding clues

The happy cheers and smiles from the Stansbury High prom group as they exited their escape were proof that the experience was a unique and wonderful one. 

“When the clues clicked into place, I was like ‘yesss!’” Zachary Nelson shared with a broad smile on his face.“This room was a lot better than the last one I did. A better story line and more clues. We loved it!” 

stansbury high champs

The teens weren’t the only ones having fun. Those working behind the scenes were just as into it all. 


“We have just as much fun as our guests” Patrick said with a grin. “We’re cheering them on and rooting for them to finish on time.” 

escape room clues

Not wanting to take escapees out of the experience, great detail has gone into setting up each space with high tech equipment so clues can be provided on in-room screens. But only when requested. If you think you can escape without a single clue, you’ll have mad bragging rights coming your way! 

A Few Facts About A Great Escape at Gardner Village

* You will ultimately have four unique adventures to choose from. Two Escapes are open now, and two more are coming soon. The rooms are: 

1. Malcolm’s Missing Millions

Now Open

Duration: 60 min. 

Skill Level: Teens, Adults


2. The Great Fairy Escape

Now Open

Duration: 20-30 min.

Skill Level: All Ages

** Room can be set for kids and families specifically or adjusted for an older group. 

** For added seasonal fun, this escape will take on a witch/Hansel & Gretel them this fall. 

** Makes a great birthday party adventure for kiddos.


3. Gardner’s Ghost

Coming Soon

Duration: 60 min.

Skill Level: Teens, Adults


4. Witches of Mystic Manor 

Coming Soon

Duration: 60 min. 

Skill Level: Teens, Adults 

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* Escape rooms are by appointment only until April 14th. After that, walk-ins are welcome.

* Escapes are open until midnight on Friday and Saturday, making this an awesome date night adventure! (Closed Sunday.)

* A Great Escape at Gardner Village is located next to Aunt Elsie’s Trinkets & Treasures, on the south side of The Village.

* Learn more about plotting your escape here

a great escape at gardner village

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