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Wednesday Dec 9 2020

Unless the Gardner Village elves spill the beans, we’ll likely never uncover the secret to Santa’s magical pack. (Just HOW does he fit everything in one dazzling duffle?!) Even without Santa's magic, you can create your own brand of gift-giving brilliance, thanks to Storybook Nook, Lulu’s Boutique, and Wanderlust at Gardner Village. Take a look at some of the unique and wonderful finds these locally-owned shops have in store for anyone on your Nice list:

Lulu's Boutique 



True to its name, you’ll find a holiday happily ever after at this charming book and toy store. In fact, it’s so full of enchantment that the shop has seasonally expanded to two locations within Gardner Village — the original location, near the water tower in center court, as well as a second shop across from Lulu’s Boutique down our main path.

 Storybook Nook


Q. What are some of the most popular gifts for children this year?

A. Books, of course! Oh, sure, it seems obvious that a book store would say this, but it’s true. We’re home more than ever, and connecting over a good book is a great way to spend time together. Every book in this shop has been hand selected by the store’s owner, Allison. She even includes local Utah authors.

 Karen J. Ashton

These two books, written by local author, Karen J. Ashton, are excellent choices!

local utah children's author 


Along similar at-home lines, games are a big seller this year for the same reason. More time at home means more chance to get your game on. Storybook Nook has a big assortment of less common gifts for your favorite (old-school) gamer.

best card games

 where to buy boardgames in Utah


For any child who loves imagining and creating their own fairytales, the Maileg Danish Mice collection is THE CUTEST. The attention to detail and quality are apparent. Plus, the critters make awesome on-the-go friends, as they’re packed in cute containers and boxes. Some even come in small, tin suitcases.

cute christmas gift ideas 

maileg triplets

The furniture in this line is everything. Whether you use it for the animals or purchase it for a doll/Barbie house you already have, your youngsters are going to adore the doll-home makeover.

 Maileg Danish Mice


Speaking of cute critters, you’ll find the always-popular Jellycat line across the path from Storybook Nook at Lulu’s Boutique.

 where to buy Jellycats in Salt Lake

Warmies are another favorite friend at Lulu’s. True to their name, you actually microwave these cuties to create a stuffed pal that warms hearts and cold hands.

 Lavender Warmies


The most visited spot in Lulu’s Boutique is this loaded table of holiday happiness. EVERYTHING on this table is just $19.99, making this a go-to for those seeking family gifts, gift exchange ideas, etc.

neighbor gifts under $20 


You’re never too old to enjoy a good book, and Lulu’s has a sentimental selection of holiday specials to choose from.

christmas books for friends 


For the Christmas lover on your list, you can’t go wrong with the Lori Mitchell line of figurines. The attention to detail makes these a popular gift pick.

Lori Mitchell Christmas figurines 



No passports required. Since travel isn’t really an option at the moment, Wanderlust brings the world to you. Each display in the shop represents a different country or area, so you can give impressive imports, delicious treats, and original offerings.

Legendary Lemon Curd

Alas, Wanderlust is a pop-up shop, which means it won’t be in The Village for long. You have until the end of December to visit this worldly wonder.

international market in utah 


Puzzle popularity has also skyrocketed this year. Wanderlust carries puzzles designed by a local Utah artist, Eric Dowdle. He even created a puzzle for Gardner Village's WitchFest a few years ago. 

 Dowdle puzzles

Santa has his work cut out for him. Why not lend a hand and pack a gift sack of your own? Between Storybook Nook, Lulu’s Boutique, and Wanderlust (limited time only), you’ll find ideas for every one of your lucky recipients.



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