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Monday Nov 28 2016

“When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does.” —Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly in You’ve Got Mail

If you’re a fan of You’ve Got Mail, a trip to Storybook Nook at Gardner Village will surely bring the flick’s fictional Shoppe Around the Corner to mind. Like the children’s bookstore in the film, Storybook Nook is a locally-owned, family business that is big on charm and character. (If you aren’t familiar with You’ve Got Mail, Netflix is calling your name!)


Allison Smith, Storybook Nook’s owner takes great pride in each item she selects for her store. She takes "don't judge a book by its cover" quite literally, reading every book before deciding to carry it or not. 


Allison started Storybook Nook 17 years ago, when her youngest was in kindergarten. She is now graduating from college and has grown up in this special space. You don't get that kind of heart in big box stores.


You'll find books for all on your list. Books for babies.


Books for young kiddos.


And chapter books for older kiddos. 


Even books that spring to life in a magical fashion. Wow!

But there is more than just books in this Nook. It also contains plenty of toys and seasonal finds.



You bet this includes great Christmas gift ideas and stellar stocking stuffers. 



Lulu’s Boutique

A few Gardner Village doors down is another shop with the same flair for offering unique finds. It happens to be one of my personal favorites in The Village, and not just because I have a daughter named Lulu. ;)


I can always find a special something for anyone on my gift list at Lulu’s Boutique. This darling Village spot, also owned by Allison Smith, is named after nicknames she had for her daughters. (So cute!) And those daughters are now helping her run her businesses, keeping them in the family. 

Following in Storybook Nook’s footsteps, Lulu’s has an excellent assortment of books.


Beyond books, it brings fashion finds, kitchen class, new baby gifts, lotions, potions, home decor, and more! 


Their collection includes happy holiday ideas, too!

Parents will love knowing that both Storybook Nook and Lulu’s Boutique have play areas for the kiddos. Definitely makes shopping easier. Until it’s time to pull the babes from Toy Land, that is. If you succeed in doing this peacefully, tell me how. :)


Of course, I put up my own fight when it’s time to leave these sweet shops. They have so much to offer and make gift giving such fun. I hope to see you there soon!


Megan Hoeppner 


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