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Wednesday Jun 6 2018

With school ending, you might be wondering what you can do with your kiddos or grandkiddos this summer. Let Gardner Village inspire you and make a fairy garden. Children and adults alike will adore this magical activity and the end result is such fun! Here are a few tips to get you started. 




TIP #1: Don't feel fairies have to be any one size. Embrace the size that works for your space and ideas. Combining sizes is also fun, just as you’ll find throughout Gardner Village. 

fairy garden how to

lulus boutique

TIP #2: Look to nature. It's full of free building supplies. From twigs and wood slices to large leaves and rocks, there are plenty of hidden treasures awaiting right outside your door. 

gardner village

fairy hammock

TIP #3: Don't feel you have to use a "garden" at all. Fairies can dwell anywhere your imagination can dream up! Isn’t this idea outside of Willow Hill Yarn Co. adorable?! It’s a fairy garden on a chair!

garden on the wall

TIP #4: Get the kids involved. Children are full of imagination and ideas that will help your garden take flight.

crafting with the kids

TIP #5: Gardens can be any size. Even a small fish bowl will do. For help getting started, stop by Aunt Elsie's Trinkets & Treasures to create a mini fairy retreat or gnome home on Saturdays between now and June 23 or join them for one of their Fairy Garden Classes to learn even more about crafting a fanciful place for fairies to live.

fairy garden classes

TIP #6: Leverage levels. Fairies can fly, which means they can reside high and low. Don't forget to look overhead for ideas.

garden in a tree

TIP #7: Place in planters. Eve if you don't have a full flower bed available doesn't mean your fairies can't live amongst the flowers. Leave space in a planter to add a few fairy decorations, giving you the best of both worlds--fairies and flowers! 

fairy garden planters



Find the perfect finishing touch for your fairy garden at The Village. In honor of the popular Woodland Fairy Festival going on now through June 23, several of The Village shops have fairy friends, houses, and more available. Here’s a peek at some of what you’ll find at Aunt Elsie’s Trinkets & Treasures and Lulu’s Boutique: 


Aunt Elsie’s Trinkets & Treasures


inspiration rocks

fairy garden accessories aunt elsies trinkets and treasures

Lulu’s Boutique

fairy houses

mushroom house

stump house for fairies



For even more ideas, come check out the Woodland Fairy Festival. It is loaded with displays that will help your imagination take flight! 

woodland fairy festival at gardner village

Megan Hoeppner

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