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Tuesday Mar 28 2017

“Chocolate” and “party”… Are there two finer words in the English language? Put them together, and you have a kid’s paradise! 

Chocolate parties make memorable birthday parties, spring break outings, family night fun, and more!

But chocolate parties at Chocolate Covered Wagon at Gardner Village aren’t just for the wee ones. They make great team-building activities, a sweet girls’ night out, or a memorable youth group gathering, or the tastiest of date nights!

For adult gatherings, the game changes from the dipping of treats to the dipping of caramel apples and berries. Mmmmm…. Where do I sign?

Sorry. I got distracted for a minute there. Let’s get back to the babes and their chocolate party fun at Chocolate Covered Wagon. 

Since this sugar-coated shop is famously known for its salt water taffy, chocolate adventures always begin with a taffy-pulling demonstration. 

Complete with the chance to sample the store’s impressive assortment of handmade taffy. 

Things are about to get sticky.

Bring on the non-stick spray.

It’s time to do some taffy pulling of our own! 


Now, on to the chocolate! The kiddos are each given dishes of chocolate and sprinkles, along with plenty of treats to dip. 

The party starts by crafting a delight worthy of the store’s name—a chocolate covered wagon! 

Then it’s on to making critters that are cute enough to eat! 

This shindig is a photo opp paradise!

And you bet selfies are also in order. 

Besides snapping pics, parents and helpers are welcome to get in and get their own fingers sticky.

Look out, kids! Moms have been known to sneak snacks.  

This is one party where guests are encouraged to lick their fingers. 

And their spoons! 

Time to pack up. Talk about a decadent party favor! 

To schedule a chocolate party of your own at Gardner Village, whether it be for adults or children, you simply have to call Chocolate Covered Wagon. They’ll get you all the deets on the sweets! 801.938.1963

Megan Hoeppner

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