Fun Fact: Did you know our mill is listed on the National Historic Register?

Gardner Village Blog Celebrate Pioneer Day with a Step Back in Time
Tuesday Jul 11 2017

July is an extra special month in Utah. Not only do we celebrate our independence as a nation, but we also honor our state’s unique history.

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At Gardner Village, we’re all for shouting hip-hip-hooray on July 24th in celebration of our pioneer heritage. After all, we have one of the original Utah pioneers, Archibald Gardner, to thank for where we are today. He likely never would have dreamed that 170 years after settling in Utah, his vision and handiwork would still be a part of our economy today. 

Archibald Gardner Utah pioneer

Gardner built the original West Jordan Flour Mill in 1853. It was later torn down so a larger mill could be built in its place in 1877. That mill, which was erected after Lincoln was our US president, still sits as an active business site today! It's the home of Archibald's Restaurant, CF Home, and the gorgeous new Mill Plaza events space! 

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While it may no longer be milling grains, you can still see glimpses of that life on display throughout CF Home and Archibald’s Restaurant. It’s an awesome step back in time that’s open to the public any time during regular business hours. (Read more about the Gardner Village history here.)

west jordan flour mill

Beyond the mill, Gardner Village preserves state history in a truly unique fashion. Just about every building on site comes from elsewhere in the state and was relocated to The Village to preserve its history.

gardner village shopping center

Each has a story to tell. For example, did you know the cute red building that houses the Chocolate Covered Wagon was once a train depot? All aboard the chocolate express!

the chocolate covered wagon

Here’s your chance to make a state history lesson more fun and memorable. Print a Gardner Village scavenger hunt and turn this fact finding mission into a free game family members of all ages will enjoy.


When Nancy Long purchased the Gardner Mill back in 1979, she knew she wanted to preserve its integrity while also giving it new life. Her children, Joe Long and Angie Gerdes, own The Village today and carry on this worthwhile legacy. Like their mother, they value our state’s heritage and go to great lengths to keep the many historic buildings throughout The Village cared for as they keep the stories behind each alive. 

mill plaza

Sure, The Village is a fun outing for shopping, dining, classes, parties and general outdoor ambiance, but it’s so much more than that. With Pioneer Day around the corner, it seems the perfect time to appreciate that fact and what all those who came before us did to make our state great. Because of their perseverance, hard work, and vision, Utah is now a thriving economy and a lovely place to call home. 

outdoor events space utah

From all at Gardner Village, happy Pioneer Day dear Utah friends! 

Megan Hoeppner

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