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Wednesday Aug 3 2022

“Boho, beachy, classy, and flirty… we offer a broad mix.” This was Heather Arteaga's response when asked how she’d describe her gorgeous store, Boho Chic Boutique.

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This adorable shop rolled into Gardner Village last weekend, but it started taking shape well before their grand opening last Friday.

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“My husband and I started looking at shopping centers as soon as he moved here,” Heather said. “We actually fell in love with Gardner Village before we opened our first location in Trolley Square in November 2021, but there were no spaces available.”

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It seems this pairing was meant to be. Fast forward to earlier this year, and that dream started to take shape.

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“A friend of mine from Trolley also works here. As soon as she saw this building open up, she told me and said we should go look,” Heather continued. “We did. Immediately. I called the same day to start the process of making this our second location.”

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We love when the stars seem to align. Especially when it means unique, beautiful clothing now at our fingertips. At Boho Chic, you’ll find styles and sizes for women of all ages.

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“I love these colors,” shopper Samara said. “They popped right out at me.”

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Samara is in her mid twenties and was visiting from Oregon on opening weekend. Both she and her stylish mama found pieces they loved, including this fab dress, which Samara didn’t hesitate to make her own.

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Of course, it was more than making a simple purchase with Heather helping. She is so personable and takes time to really get to know her guests. She and Samara’s mom connected instantly over being recent empty nesters.

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“The last of my three children had recently moved out before we made the trip from Texas to Utah,” Heather said with glistening eyes. “I missed my children so much and cried for weeks. Having Boho Chic as my next adventure has helped ease the pain of missing my kids. It gives me something happy to focus on and grow.”

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Happy, indeed! This shop is full of unique textures and lengths. As Heather said, the clothes ARE flirty and fun. But clothes can only take the feel of any store so far. It’s the heart behind those clothes that really seals the deal. Heather is clearly very good at what she does and has an excellent eye for fashion. More than that, she cares about making everyone who steps foot in her shop feel welcome. She’s helpful and knowledgeable and ready to help you find your perfect new pieces. Stop by and visit her at the brand new Boho Chic today. That's just what Georgia, who works at Soulstice Day Spa & Salon did. Does she look amazing in her new jumper? Great choice, Georgia! 

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Psssttt… Can’t make it in today? You can still shop the Boho Chic website. It’s a great starting point until you can come for a visit and get the full experience! 

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You'll also find them on social @chicbohostyles.

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