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Monday Jan 16 2017

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” —Pablo Picasso

It’s true! Art is a magnificent form of self expression. Even in a class where all students are asked to make the same design, no two will be identical. It’s a wonderful thing! 

The new year seems like the perfect time for you to enjoy a little creative self expression of your own, and The Art Cottage at Gardner Village is the perfect place! Whether you’re new to painting or seasoned with a brush, you will enjoy the warm, happy atmosphere here. Each class is loaded with hands-on help, excellent tips, and professional pointers! Oh, and then there's the fun. Talk about a great way to stay indoors on a winter day! 

Young and old, alike, are invited. The Art Cottage offers popular children’s classes in its gorgeous upstairs space. 

There’s also a downstairs classroom, where many of the adult classes are offered. 

I had such fun visiting one of the adult classes this month. Each student had a unique story to tell. And while they were each working on their own individual pieces, there was definitely a unified feel to the group. They were there to learn and enjoy some “me time” together. I can’t wait to sign up for a class and join them!

Of course, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, perhaps a Paint Party is the way to go. Sure beats the usual dinner/movie date night option. What a fun way to connect with that special someone! 

If your crowd is a bit larger, you can even schedule a birthday party. Yay!

Speaking of gifts, The Art Cottage offers an excellent assortment of art supplies, handmade jewelry, and cool home decor items. Class or no class, it’s a store you’ll want to see. 

If you do come for a class, know you’ll be in great hands. The instructors at The Art Cottage are passionate, experienced artists. Spending time with students and experiencing art with others brings them much joy! 

There are many ways to learn more about all The Art Cottage has to offer.


A painting class sounds like the ideal way to chase those winter blues away! 


Megan Hoeppner

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