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Wednesday Dec 11 2019

Awww… refreshing white! Used in decorating, it works for many seasons and reasons. From a classic Christmas look to a winter whites tablescape to symbolizing a clean slate at your New Year’s gathering, decorating and dining with white will make an impressive and elegant statement. 

hobnail glass

winter whites table setting

To inspire your white delight, our friends at Aunt Elsie’s Trinkets and Treasures at Gardner Village have set the prettiest Winter Whites table and shared 10 expert tips for working with white: 

Aunt Elsie's Trinkets and Treasures

TIP #1: Mix & Match Whites

This is where the fun comes in. White is the queen of neutrals and works beautifully with just about anything its paired with, including more white. Where dishes are concerned, there are numerous styles and shades of white to choose from. Don’t hesitate to pair a creamy white milk glass with a shiny white BRAND, for example. The contrast will come together beautifully! 

Fire King dishes

Milk Glass 101

Speaking of milk glass, the editor's at Country Living Magazine have put together some interesting info on what makes this gorgeous vintage glass a favorite. You can read more about it here

milk glass


TIP #2: Make Metallic Magic

Nothing brings out a metallic shimmer quite like a white backdrop. Don’t hesitate to weave in some silver and gold for added elegance. (Yes, it IS okay to combine metallic finishes. Not only is it okay, it’s gorgeous!)

christmas metallics

vintage dishes

TIP #3: Look Beyond Your Dishes

From a white tablecloth to white lace doilies placed beneath your dishes, adding white fabrics is another way to introduce texture and interest to your relatively neutral landscape.

gardner village


TIP #4: Don’t Forget the Chairs

Speaking of white linens, a lace table runner can run off with a chair for a little extra.

chair decorating


TIP #5: Prisms, Please

Inspired by Pollyanna, this table comes complete with “rainbow makers.” Pull prisms from your old lamp or pick some up at Aunt Elsie’s and scatter them about your table to add to your Winter Whites ambiance. 

table details


TIP #6: Pull From Christmas

Even if you’re setting your Winter Whites table well into January or February, you can still dip into that Christmas decor tote. Look for items that are less holiday specific, such as village buildings/deer/etc. 

holiday table ideas


TIP #7: Mix Old with New

While Aunt Elsie’s has an abundant assortment of vintage dishes in every shade you can imagine, they also carry newer pieces. Don’t hesitate to blend old with new. It not only adds interest to your look, but it can also make working in vintage easier, as we don’t always have complete sets of older dishes available. 

Noritake dishes

The white plates are Pearl White Noritake from Japan. They've been making dishes for 100s of years, but this particular set is only about 10 years old. The white cup is an older sample and looks so cute sitting atop its younger tablemates. NOTE: You'll also find Fire King samples (the gold leaves) on this table. As a whole, the finished look is a lovely blend of the decades and designs! 

TIP #8: Go for Goblets

Glasses in various sizes and shapes can serve both as drink holders and dishes. Plus, they add height and interest where the rest of dishes tend to be flat. Beyond beverages, use glasses in place of bowls for desserts, salads, etc. 

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TIP #9: Hello, Height!

Speaking of adding height (Tip #8), that’s always a wise point to remember when setting a table. Even if it’s just in you centerpiece, look for ways to add a few inches to your display. Tall vases and pitchers are also smart go-to options.

mercury glass

vintage pitchers

TIP #10: Don’t Forget a Little Twinkle Twinkle

Whether you drape a few white fairy lights across the center of your table or have twinkle lights on in the background, the warmth really does add to the ambiance. Another inviting option: candles!  

setting a classic holiday table

BONUS TIP: Offset with Color

Your white table is striking all on its own, but it can also easily accommodate a little color if you choose to offset for various seasons and celebrations. Throw in some red or green for Christmas. Add blue for Hanukkah. Play with pink for Valentine’s. And so on. With a white foundation in your dish stash, your year-round themed potential is limitless! 

 depression glass


More In Store

Find more tips for setting a seriously stunning Winter Whites table at Aunt Elsie’s Trinkets & Treasures.

tips for making a gorgeous dinner table

Denise, the shop’s owner, LOVES chatting with customers and helping them find their perfect looks. Plus, she’s so knowledgable. A visit with her is like binge watching an entire season of American Pickers or Antiques Roadshow. You’re sure to leave with both beautiful new pieces and awesome new stories to share at your next dinner party. 

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