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Wednesday Oct 23 2019

Many would argue it's the heart of WitchFest—Witches’ Night Out. It’s a celebration. It's a tradition. It's a Gardner Village party attended by more than 10,000 every year. Guests come dressed to the hilt in their finest witch wear, ready to play. From witch parades, food booths, music, and dancing to cackle stations, prizes, shopping, and, of course, witch watching, it’s a memorable experience unlike any other! 

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This marks the 19th year of Witches Night Out. What began as a single night in October has since grown into four nights each October. The added dates were added to accommodate the many witches flying in to partake of this spellbinding affair.  


It may be the 19th year, but Gardner Village has hosted well over 19 Witches Night Out celebrations since the inaugural event back in 2000. How many have you been a part of? Believe it or not, we know of one witch who has attended every. single. one. 

Lucinda the Witch

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That’s right, Lucinda! She attended the first event as a guest. From there, she was hooked and made Gardner Village her Halloween home as the first Gardner Village witch and the official emcee for Witches Night Out. It's an opportunity she adores. 

Witches Night Out early days

“Witches Night Out is special for so many reasons,” Lucinda explains. “It’s a time to have fun and celebrate togetherness and even celebrate womanhood in a different way…a fun, thrilling, exciting way!”



Lucinda is spot on, Witches Night Out IS a celebration of womanhood. A carefree celebration. It’s impossible to miss the feeling of absolute joy in the air. Women work tirelessly and so often put themselves last. For many, Witches Night Out is a scheduled break and a time to simply play and be silly. It’s a chance to leave the kiddos and jobs and everyday duties behind for a few hours. It’s an excuse to trade those high heels for pointed toes. A time to drop the laundry basket and pick up a broom (for riding, of course!). In other words, it's an opportunity to feel like a kid again as you dance the night away and shop and eat and cackle and simply enjoy being with your girls! Now, that’s magical!

Brazilla the Witch

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“Witches Night Out allows us the carefree opportunity to bring out our inner witch. You can be someone that you’re not… or… perhaps you really ARE,” Lucinda explains with a laugh. “Witches can do and say whatever they want as long as they are kind to others. It makes this event a very freeing and happy occasion for all.” 

witch costume ideas

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It’s no wonder witches fly in from all over the state and surrounding states to attend. Witches Night Out has become a tradition for women. It’s a calendar highlight that Gardner Village takes very seriously. 

“Witches Night Out has really evolved over the past 19 years,” recalls Angie Gerdes, Gardner Village co-owner. “We’re constantly working to improve the event and the entire witch season to make our guest experience the best it can possibly be. We’re always listening to our guests about what they liked and we work on changing things they don’t like. We strive to make this a wholesome event where ladies can enjoy dressing up with friends for a night out of eating, shopping, and dancing. We always stay away from anything scary or gory—fun and whimsical is our goal. It’s about creating an annual tradition our guests can appreciate and remember.”



Fun is absolutely a top priority. Does that mean costumes? Not necessarily. Gardner Village always states that witch wear is completely optional. But you wouldn’t know it by the impressive attire of those in attendance. It really is something spectacular to see! 

glenda the good witch

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“The elaborate outfits that the women wear… it’s unreal to me!,” Lucinda recalls with a smile. “Just the wigs alone are so impressive. To know that people are THAT into Witches Night Out is such a treat! I’m often left thinking, ‘Okay, I’m underdressed right now,’ and I love it!”  

witch shoes

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I doubt anyone would call Gardner Village’s spunky head witch underdressed, but she does make a point—WNO is a feast for the eyes! The fashion show is inspiring and fun and adds so much to the escape from reality that this event provides. If you’ve never attended, the witch watching alone is worth the trip! 



Then there’s the shopping. Oh… the shopping! Witches Night Out is known for its screaming deals and impressive inventory. 

shopping at Gardner Village

Lucinda, shopping in the early years of WNO.

“I… well, I must admit that I tend to buy a lot of stuff on Witches Night Out,” Lucinda confessed. “Sure, I’m there to emcee and entertain, but how can I resist sneaking away to make a purchase… or 12? The deals are SO good, and it’s the best time to pick up fabulous Halloween stuff!” 

Layers Bedding

Lucinda isn’t alone. You’ll often spot other Gardner Village witches in the stores, shopping right along with you. It’s another aspect that makes this event so memorable and unique. 


From shopping to dancing, the activity levels are high at Witches Night Out. In fact, there's even a live DJ on site, adding to the remarkable energy and fun of it all. Russ and Morgan Powell of Powell Weddings and Events (formerly called Squawkbox Sound) really knows how to bring the night alive with his festive mix of dance-friendly tunes!

Powell Weddings and Events

image credit: Morgan Leigh Photography - Witches with DJ Russ Powell 



Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the first event. That’s a big deal and something to celebrate. You bet Gardner Village will pull out all the stops to ensure it’s the best year yet. So go ahead and grab that glittery purple pen and mark your calendar for October 2020. It's your date with your witches to enjoy a grand celebration—an experience you won’t want to miss!

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19 years later, Witches Night Out is what it is because of YOU. Never in a million years did the Gardner Village team dream this event would grow to be what it is today. Your enthusiasm and joy and willingness to kick up the heels of those pointed shoes is what makes the experience special.

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“On behalf of everyone at Gardner Village, I’d like to thank you for 19 magical years of WitchFest. There have been so many amazing and talented people who have created and added to this event over the years. It has been a labor of love for all involved. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to enjoy the festivities and make the events what they are. We can’t wait to celebrate again with you next year when we celebrate 20 years together!” —Angie Gerdes, Gardner Village co-owner

Your Turn!

There's still time to get in on Witches Night Out 2019. Join us Oct. 25 and 26, 2019 from 6-10 pm to be a part of the party and make your own happy memories! Click here to learn more

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