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Tuesday Jan 19 2021

Winter white might put a chill in the air outside, but it can really warm things up inside. Adding white bedding this time of year is a nice way to support the fresh start that comes with a new year. Plus, it creates a gorgeous foundation, no matter your style or overall color scheme. Layers Bedding is here with three unique ideas for using white to create an inviting look in any bedroom of your home and tips for easily (and affordably) transitioning from winter to spring.



Create a classic combination by pairing white with other neutrals. Where there's a lack of color, your interest will come from mixing textures and patterns. Note the knit dutch euros (the large pillows in the back), the light linen euros (the square pillows), the beautifully textured white quilt, and the heavier-weight throw. Each has something to offer and keeps this look as interesting as it is lovely. 


BEDDING TIP: Mixing multiple textures is smart way to keep a monochromatic grouping from falling flat.  



Nothing says “winter whites” quite like those fluffy snow animals — polar bears, snowshoe hairs, etc. Take your que from these cuties and add some faux fur to your bedding. A decorative pillow or a super soft throw is an easy way to work some winter warmth in.



Let’s take a look at how easy it is to take the same bed and foundation from winter to spring with just a few quick pillow and throw swaps.


Winter doesn't have to mean cool. Warm is on trend and offers all sorts of comfort. On this bed, modern shades of rust have been added to the striking white base. 



The same basic color combination works for spring. The trick is less weight and seasonal details. By replacing the throws, adding the whimsical patterns, and going with lighter fabrics, the bed is in full spring bloom! 



EVERGREEN BEDDING TIP: Start with a neutral foundation, such as a white quilt. This makes it easy to breathe new life into your bedding from season to season with just a few simple details swaps.  



The calm white creates can come from any number of sources. Beyond your bedding, consider white accents. Even a few small dishes can really lift the mood of space. 

With the fresh start a new calendar year symbolizes, it's a smart time to add a few room updates. Let a few pretty things help cleanse 2020 from the palette for good. We can help you make this new year bright!


Happy 2021!

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