Gardner Village Blog Willow Hill Yarn Company is Celebrating Six Years In Business
Wednesday Jan 11 2023

Willow Hill Yarn Company is always a happy and inspiring place to be, but it’s looking a little extra festive this month. It’s their sixth anniversary, and they’re celebrating with weekly giveaways, limited-time yarn options and more!

Willow Hill Yarn Company turns six 

“I can’t believe it’s been six years,” owner Emily Dern said. “I’ve found my calling. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Emily has found her calling. She’s so good at what she does. From selecting gorgeous yarn options and teaching very relaxed and enjoyable classes to managing the business and connecting with the community she’s created, she’s passionate about what she does and so very good at each of the required parts.



Selecting the high-quality yarn to carry is a big part of what Emily does. As soon as you walk in the shop,  you can tell she enjoys this aspect of her job and really works to offer you variety. Guess what! Even if you can't visit the shop, you can still get your hands on this yummy yarn on their website. Huzzah! 

 cowl kits

If these new bundles are any indicator, year six is all about the sparkle. This specialty yarn  comes with directions for making the cutest cowl. Seems like the perfect party attire for this January anniversary affair!

new yarn in utah

 best place to buy yarn in the salt lake area

Beyond these beautiful bundles, you’ll also find yarn by brands and in fresh new colors for spring.



Of course, the cream of this celebratory crop has to be the yarn created by Teal Torch Knits specifically for Willow Hill/Emily and this special occasion. Emily has amazing taste and selected this particular color scheme herself. You don’t want to miss this limited edition.  

custom dye

 limited time yarn color


Being the warm hostess that she is, Emily was sure to include party favors with the celebration. Join Willow Hill Yarn Company on Instagram (@willowhillyarncompany) for weekly giveaways now through the end of the month. Here are just a few of the prizes up for grabs.

pom pom the art of abundance

new yarn in store

 knitting for national parks


In the six years since Emily introduced Willow Hill to the world, she’s built a brilliant community of crafters. Many have already stopped by to celebrate the anniversary. Here’s what a few of them had to say about this friendly shop:

fun for generations 

“When my children were younger, I couldn’t convince them to join me at the yarn shop,” Dawn recalls. “Now that SarahAnn is older, she loves coming with me. We crochet together, which is really fun. We’re glad we can be here to celebrate Emily and spend quality time together in her store.”


For many, stops at Willow Hill are a regular thing.

willow hill celebrates six years

“I was just here a couple of days ago but had to come back today when I heard it was the six-year anniversary,” customer Emily said.

“Emily comes all the time,” Michael, her companion, added. “She loves it herE and is always coming back for more. Recently, she bought that Edward's Menagerie Dogs book just so she could crochet a dog that looks like Autumn.”

Edward's Menagerie Dogs

crochet dog 

image credit: @longdog_Autumn (on Instagram)

Awww, yes, Autumn. Store owner Emily is very aware of this cutie.

Autumn dog

image credit: @longdog_Autumn (on Instagram)

“I was just texting my dad about Autumn,” Emily (Dern) added with a smile. “We love seeing her when she stops by!”

Clearly, Emily supports yarn fans on two legs and on four! It’s part of the shop’s success story, actually. Emily and her team are always kind and helpful and welcoming.  They love connecting with those who already have a passion for handwork, as well as introducing people to the hobbies for the first time.

“The creative part of the work I do is my favorite,” Emily said. “I love helping people find and work on projects, and there’s something extra special about introducing new crafters to handwork. With the pandemic, we saw a big increase in those wanting to learn how to knit and crochet. Handwork seems more popular than ever and something that appeals to all generations, which makes me so happy.”



Sound like fun? You’ll find a complete list of Willow Hill classes here. The beginner classes are sold out through March, so you’ll want to get right on it if you’re hoping to register for this spring. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the Willow Hill Instagram account for more on this celebration and your chance to win!

 yarn classes in Utah

Congratulations on reaching this exciting milestone, Emily. Thank you for being a warm spot that brings people together at Gardner Village here in West Jordan, Utah!

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