Gardner Village Blog Willow Hill Yarn Company Presents the 2022 Utah Yarn Crawl
Wednesday Jun 22 2022

As the summer wants to speed by, Willow Hill Yarn Company is slowing things down to a crawl… a Yarn Crawl.

WHATUtah Yarn Crawl

WHERE: Yarn shops across the state (follow on Insta for more info)

WHEN: July 9-16, 2022

HOW: Read on!

Just what is a Yarn Crawl? Well, it’s a fun shop hop, but you’ll enjoy a more leisurely pace and the shops on this path are all locally owned yarn and fiber locations.


1. Choose your starting point from any of the following locations:


2. Pick up a Yarn Crawl punch card, souvenir bag, and 2022 collectors pin at your first location and check out the new patterns, ideas, notions, and, of course, yarn!

Yarn Crawl 

3. Don’t miss the shop’s Yarn Crawl-specific merchandise. This varies from shop to shop. Some are offering limited-time kits and patterns. Others have unique yarn available.

 Willow Hill Yarn Company

At the Willow Hill stop, you can pick up the pattern to make this darling hat (below), as well as gorgeous hand-dyed yarn and a handmade project bag (above), both created just for this event. 

4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you’ve completed your punch card. At your final stop, turn your completed punch card in for a chance to win top prizes donated by each participating shop.



Each shop will be drawing two winners from the completed punch cards received during the crawl. Why two? Because this year’s Crawl includes, a bonus shop, The Knitting Post, in Santa Clara, Utah. If you happen to visit it AND all the other Crawl shops, your punch card will be entered into a drawing for a prize valued at $200 USD. If you make it to all of the Northern Utah stops but not the bonus shop, you’re still considered a Yarn Crawl champ and will be entered into a drawing for a prize valued at $100 USD. Either way, you’re in for a treat if you win! Let’s do the math: With two giveaways per shop and eight shops in all, this year’s Crawl will award 16 prizes, valued at an impressive $2,400! Woot!  

Utah Yarn Crawl 


Want to make this experience even more fun? Get you yarn buddies and hit the Crawl together.

“I’ve seen groups actually rent a van just for this event,” Emily Dern, owner of Willow Hill Yarn Compay, laughed. “It’s really fun to see people get into it and have fun together. Since this is our first full event since the pandemic began, it feels extra special. Everyone seems that much more grateful to have this opportunity to spend some time together!”

Best Yarn Shops in Utah


Emily Dern is the owner of Willow Hill Yarn Company here at Gardner Village, but that isn’t the only knit cap she wears. She’s also the Yarn Crawl director. The Crawl didn’t originate with her. Avid crawlers will remember it taking place several years ago, but it eventually took a hiatus for many years. That is, of course, until Emily decided to bring it back.

“It’s been such fun having the Yarn Crawl back,” Emily said. “It builds community, makes everyone more aware of all of the amazing locally-owned yarn shops in the area, and is just a great way to support a hobby we love!”


Adding to the excitement of this year’s Crawl, Maggie Fangmann of Yarneceous Fibers, known for her dino-divine yarn dying, has created a Knit Along pattern reveal. Simply purchase the pattern at one of the participating Knit Along shops (Willow Hill, Petite Fours & Purls, Yarn on the Corner, or Seed Stitch) and start receiving pieces of the pattern/clues via email. A total of four clues will be sent via email, with the fourth and final weekly clue going out on June 30. Don’t worry if you happen to join after the event is underway. You’ll simply receive more than one pattern/clue at once. As long as you join by June 30, 2022, you should have enough time to knit along with your fellow Crawlers and create something fabulous to have with you at the 2022 celebration!

Yarneceous Fibers 

All right, y’all, let’s CRAWL! 

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