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Tuesday Oct 4 2016

The Witch business is in full swing at Gardner Village. This month, we're dedicating our blog to highlighting some of the happy happenings, including more info on our wacky Witches, event details, and The Village through YOUR eyes. Shall we begin?

Which Witch?

Welcome to our Who’s Who of Gardner Village Witches! This is the first of several getting-to-know-you posts. With 24 ladies working their magic at Gardner Village this year, we feel introductions are in order. Here are just a few of the gals you’ll see at our various Witchy events this month.  





Stops for these ladies include Witches Night Out, Wee Witches Weekend, Breakfast with a Witch, and more! 

Witchapalooza: The Lyin', The Witch & The Warlock

Make this October extra memorable with some very entertaining dinner theater. This year's Witchapoolza show--The Lyin', The Witch & The Warlock--promises a spirited evening of laughs, a delicious meal, and a memorable experience the older witches and warlocks in your life will surely find... super?  

After all, where else can you see music and dance numbers spanning the decades...

Superheros in flight (sort of LOL)...

some devilish dance numbers...


And get lost in the romantic tale of lonely witches looking for love?

Yes, witches aren’t all warted noses and curled fingernails—they’re lonely hearts, too. And just like the rest of us mere mortals, they long for someone to kiss them goodnight. 


Snap to it! Tickets to this show will sell out soon. Get yours today!

Your HATtitude

We’ve loved seeing your Witch Pics on Instagram and in our inbox. Thanks for visiting The Village and sharing your shots. Keep ‘em coming, using the hashtags #findawitch, #gardnervillagewitches and/or #hattitude, or email your photos to Yours could be the next batch to bubble up. 



Maleficent (hoeppner) bwahahahahaha! 

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