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Tuesday Feb 7 2017

Meet the newest member of the Gardner Village family—Willow Hill Yarn Company! Wait just a minute… At first glance, this shop might look familiar. That’s because it is. It was formerly Kamille’s, and long-time Kamille’s employee, Emily Dern, purchased it when Kamille decided to sell a few months back. 


The wonderful thing about this transition is that much of what you’ve always loved about the shop has maintained, including Kamille’s cute mama, Laura, who's been with the shop since the beginning and remains an employee today. And you bet the gorgeous assortment of yarn also remains!


While the shelves stay stocked with many sweet patterns and samples!

The friendly atmosphere you've always loved about this local destination sure isn't going anywhere. 

However, you will likely notice a few changes as soon as you step inside. Emily has been working hard to open the space up, including adding paint and moving displays and furniture around. Her goal is to make the shop very community-based, so she's built in plenty of room for events, classes, and comfort! 


"I want thist to be a place where people come to just hang out, craft, and enjoy each other's company," Emily said. "A warm, inviting spot where we gather to share ideas and a love for yarn!"


In chatting with Emily, it was easy to see her passion and feel her energy and excitement for what she's doing. 


Take a trip upstairs, and you'll discover the entire space has been transformed into the coziest of classrooms/event spaces. In fact, there’s going to be an event here later this week. 



Friday, Feb. 11, 2017 you’re invited to a Yarn & Movie Night from 7-10pm. For just $10, you can attend this fun night out, which includes to famous flicks, treats, drinks, and time crafting with friends. Bring your yarn project of choice and enjoy. (Call the shop to reserve your seat. They’re going fast!)


The movie night is just one idea sweet Emily is bringing to the table at Willow Hill Yarn Company. Her fresh enthusiasm is hard to miss. She’s clearly full of creativity and a desire to connect with those who visit her shop. 



These cute little critters are another fresh find inside Willow Hill Yarn Company. They’re part of a monthly class series for 2017. First, attend and create your critter of choice. You will then be informed of monthly classes where you’re invited to come and make seasonal clothing. At the end of the year, your new friend will have 12 new outfits to enjoy. 




Following in Kamille’s footsteps, Emily offers plenty of classes, for both knitting and crochet. Here, Gina, who has been with the shop for eight years, is teaching a beginner's crochet class. I could tell those involved were having a great time!


Oh, and guess what?! Beginner classes are free. All you pay for are the materials! Check out the website for all classes being offered. 



To celebrate this exciting transition, Willow Hill Yarn Company is hosting an open house, and you’re invited! 

WHEN: March 18

WHERE: Willow Hill Yarn Company at Gardner Village

TIME: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

WHAT: Just in time for the newest yarn to arrive in the shop, you’re invited to come enjoy free knitting and crochet make-n-takes (including free patterns!), check out the latest in yarn being released, and see the changes to the shop. Mark your calendar, this is going to be a grand time!


Gardner Village couldn’t be happier for Emily. AFter all, it's the awesome local shop owners who make The Village magical. They work so hard and do so much, which is what keeps The Village a happy place to return to time after time. Take a min. to follow Will Hill Yarn Company on Instagram and leave them a warm welcome note (@willowhillyarncompany). It would be a nice way to welcome Emily, and all in the shop would love to hear from you! 

Megan Hoeppner

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