Gardner Village Blog Wanderlust Will Help You Check Off your Travel Bucket List
Wednesday Jan 25 2023

What far-off places top your travel bucket list? Wanderlust at Gardner Village carries treasures purchased directly from countries all over the world. A stop at this darling shop is a wonderful way to taste, hear, smell, feel, and, of course, SEE things from your dream destinations. Ready to put your travel intentions into motion?

 put a stamp in your passport


Capture the local flavor with treats, both sweet and savory, and take your taste buds on a tantalizing trip!  

Wanderlust at Gardner Village

treats from around the world 


To really capture the full flavors, check out one of the MANY cookbooks available at Wanderlust. There’s a global library of recipes at your fingertips, providing a fun way to mix up the usual meal routine.

 cookbooks from around the globe


With the turn of the tiny crank, you can transport yourself to the lands that you love. No wonder these music boxes are such a popular seller at Wanderlust.

 national anthem

Some play national anthems, while others fill the air with local melodies. Give one a spin each day to keep your eyes (and ears!) on the prize of the place(s) you desire to visit.

music boxes 


The candles and body care essentials available at Wanderlust will not only remind you of the lands from which they came, they’ll also leave you feeling relaxed and travel-ready with their afar ambiance.

 unique gift ideas


You’re now so close to your locale of choice you can almost feel it. Seal the deal with some country-specific clothing. Choose from hats, scarves, jewelry, and other wearables. Having such a stylish reminder right on your person will, no doubt, help those travel stars to align in 2023.

travel attire 


If you’ve got your sights set on a vision board, Wanderlust has plenty of smaller/thin items to add to the mix. They also carry a variety of different journals to use in your planning.

travel journal and vision board 


Before you go, don’t forget to grab a small token designed specifically to support your desire to manifest a getaway. Carry it with you and see which direction the compass points you in next.

travel plans for 2023

 stuff i want to manifest


Before you go, don't forget to pick up a book on language. These clever reads make learning the native tongue easier.

language books

learn a language


Getting yourself one step closer to checking off that travel bucket list is easy. Visit Wanderlust at Gardner Village to collect keepsakes from the places you desire to visit. It might not put an actual stamp in your passport, but it will certainly help put your life on that path. See you soon! 

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