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Wednesday Aug 14 2019

This is news we’re wheel-y excited about—the Wheel Room is open! This is the newest event space at Gardner Village, and it’s something to see! 

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 the wheel room at gardner village

The Wheel Room isn’t the only new thing happening here. The Cottage has also been transformed into a chic meeting/bridal space. 


Come on, let's take a look around!

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With the high demand for wedding/reception/banquet/celebration space, the lower portion of CF Home has been transformed into a gorgeous venue, big enough to seat 70 guests (100 if you opt for long banquet tables instead of rounds). 


Like its two predecessors, the Gear Room and Mill Plaza, the Wheel Room is located on the lower level of Archibald’s Restaurant. In fact, if you have a bigger event or party to throw, you can rent out all three spaces, as well as its beautiful bar area, The Cellar. Combined, this stylish space will host as many as 500! Let the party begin! 

The Cellar, a full-service bar, is located just down the hall from the Wheel Room.

Next door to the newly finished Wheel Room is the stunning Gear Room. 


There is so much that makes the Wheel Room unique. Of course, the fact that it’s in Utah’s historic Gardner Mill, which was built by an original Mormon pioneer in 1853, is a huge deal. To see this rich piece of state history transformed into an elegant gathering spot is something else. And the fact that it incorporates industrial touches throughout, only adds to its cool factor and charm. 


If that’s not enough to capture your heart, the natural light that comes pouring in will light your fire. It makes for very pretty party pics. The nighttime scene isn’t bad either. The space is filled with unique light fixtures. All in all, the lighting creates an unbelievable ambiance. 


natural lighting event space

The Black Goose Design, which is owned by the same owners as Gardner Village, stepped in with their decorating expertise, giving this industrial space its modern magic. 

farmhouse entryway black and white vase

 the black goose design


Beyond its impressive appearance, the Wheel Room is loaded with fascinating factoids. Did you know… 


* …two of the turbines on display were actually part of the original mill and what made it work?

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* …a huge water wheel will act as your backdrop? This wheel was actually constructed from old railroad ties from the Great Salt Lake? In fact, areas of the wheel still glisten with a white residue… yup, salt! 

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* …the rock wall and the textured concrete that frame the Wheel Room were part of the original mill? These structures were built before Abraham Lincoln was even president. Wow! It’s true what they say, they simply don’t make ‘em like they used to. 

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* …some of the exposed infrastructure that decorates the Wheel Room came from the original mill, and its WOOD? What a neat sign of the very early times. 

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With interesting info like this behind the newly-opened Wheel Room, hosting a memorable event just got much easier! Your guests will marvel at the history lesson, and you’ll be pleased as punch at the service, food, and amenities included.  

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 archibalds restaurant


If you’re hosting a wedding or reception in this sophisticated space, you’ll have access to the brand new Bridal Suite. Its perks are many, including: 

  • A flat screen TV, where you can run a slideshow or other media-based element. 

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  • Plenty of room to visit with your bridal party. 

farmhouse dining table

  • An inviting sitting area to catch a breather.

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  • A well-lit, spacious vanity. 

farmhouse vanity

  • Plenty of storage space, including locking cabinets and an extra long area for your formal wear.

wedding dress cabinet

  • Numerous hooks, including ones intentionally designed with photos of your breathtaking dress in mind. Hang it here and snap away. It’s a detail shot you’ll adore. 

  • Access to a private bathroom. 

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  • A full-length mirror to take it all in. You look amazing! 

full length mirror

A Note of Thanks

The phrase "It takes a village" certainly rings true with this particular Village. The unforgettable Wheel Room went from an idea to a reality because of numerous talented individuals involved. 

"The vision of this room began more than six years ago, while the renovation was completed in just four short months. Such work couldn't have happened without the collaboration of an extremely talented team. Emily, our creative director and graphic extraordinaire, provided us with visual renderings. Randi Smith, our Director of Design at The Black Goose Design, brought the modern to my love of the industrial and history. Dave Koncar, our Property Manager, did an amazing job managing and completing the renovation. His attention to detail and quality matches the detail of the mill built in 1853. The end result is a space that beautifully complements Gardner Village and this incredible mill." --Joe Long, Gardner Village co-owner


Speaking of bridal space, this is another newly opened area at The Village worth seeing. The Cottage includes a private bathroom, plenty of seating, a flat screen TV, mirrors, and more! Take a look!  

The cottage at gardner village

down to earth

The Cottage serves many purposes. It can be a meeting area for smaller gatherings (10-12 people), it can be a quaint location for your next shower or celebration, and it can be an additional private bridal space. If your wedding is taking place at Mill Plaza, The Cottage is an optional add-on. Like the Wheel Room suite, this space offers a relaxing source of calm and a quiet place to prepare for the joyous celebration ahead.

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bridal suite in gardner village

This space feels like its straight out of a storybook. It's the ideal place to begin your fairytale.  

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Whether you’re looking to schedule a small get-together at The Cottage or a larger affair at one of the many other event spots at Gardner Village (including the highly sought after Wheel Room), the Gardner Village events team can help you out. Learn more about planning the perfect party here


If a wedding is in your future, keep your eye on our blog. In two weeks, we’ll be sharing an in-depth look at how Gardner Village can make planning your special day easy and enjoyable. 

Megan Hoeppner 

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