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Monday Feb 12 2024

As our friends at Soulstice Day Spa & Salon like to say, “You’re one massage away from a good mood!” Just in time for Valentine’s Day, they’re here to share just a few of the many benefits to this beloved mood booster. After reading this list, you’ll want to show your special someone what caring really looks like with the gift of self care. Grab a gift certificate. Better yet, book a couple’s massage and get in on the beneficial action. Still unsure? Read on to see just a few of the MANY reasons why massage makes a gift straight from the heart:


Top Five Benefits of Massage


1. Relaxation 

Really relaxing is about more than just binge-watching a fav show. To really relax, it helps to work on the tension that has worked its way into your body. Work on this, and you’ll get yourself that much closer to a rested being. Massage is great at relieving stress and allowing the body to fully relax.


2. Circulation

Massage is a great way to get the blood flowing. Whether you deal with circulation issues or simply want to feed the muscles as you clear the lymphatic system, massage is a healthy approach.


3. Therapeutic

Ready to eliminate stress and relieve trigger points in the body? Massage is the key! It helps the muscles work properly and allows for fascia release. There are many therapeutic approaches to massage, including sacral/cranial, cupping, and more.


4. Pain Relief

Give the nervous system a break with a massage. It’s a helpful way to spot treat an injury or provide overall system support. Ask about the CBD Herbal Massage. Your aching muscles and joints will thank you! Note: Depending on the nature of your injury, you may want to consult a medical provider before seeking this form of relief.


5. A Skin Win

Did you know massage is even good for the skin? At Soulstice, the team uses select DoTerra Essential Oils, which help balance the skin. (And they smell amazing!) Plus, with the various add-on options available (salt scrubs, body wraps, etc.), you can really pack a punch in the skincare department.  



Find a complete menu of massage options and pricing on the Soulstice website. Here are just a few of the most popular options:

  • Sage Energy Healing Massage: As the name suggests, sage is burned before your massage treatment. The smoke gets waved through your energy field, helping positive energy take the place of any unwanted energy wanting to stay stuck with you.


  • Himalaya Salt Stone Massage: This treatment is anything but salty. It’s a soothing way to cleanse and detox the body that incorporates the benefits of Himalayan salt.


  • Hot Stone Massage: Nothing says “relax” quite like hot stones. Your therapist will place heated basalt sea stones in your hands to help ground you and use additional stones for your massage. It’s the ideal way to melt away stress and tension!


  • Seated Massage: Need a quick fix? Stop in for a seated massage.


  • Skin Treatments & Hydration Massage: Treat the skin to some serious TLC with a body wrap or scrub, followed by a hydration massage. You can even add 30 minutes of extra massage time on for the full experience. Guess what!? There’s a chocolate body wrap! How yummy would that be for a Valentine’s Day gift?



Love is in the air! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Soulstice is offering a class for couples, which teaches them the tricks of the massage trade. Call the salon for more information and ask about upcoming classes coming this spring.

The experts at Soulstice recommend getting a massage once a month to really take advantage of the benefits. Twist our arms! Sounds like a fine plan. You can also talk to your therapist about customizing a massage treatment plan to your unique needs and goals. There are so many magical combinations to choose from. Don’t hesitate to find your secret sauce!


Finally, here are a few more Valentine’s Day offers happening now at Soulstice … you know, in case you’re scrambling for a last-minute gift idea that's full of thought and tender loving care! 

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