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Wednesday Feb 12 2020

Psssttt… Valentine’s Day is just two days away. Never fear. Even if you haven’t made any plans, you can still come out on top in the date department. We have three memorable ideas that will leave your someone special feeling smitten. (P.S. These ideas also make great group date plans if you’re looking to abandon that one-on-one Valentine’s Day and instead take a friends approach to having fun!)

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A Great Escape

Unlock the mysteries of the heart at A Great Escape. Okay, so perhaps that’s a lofty statement, but you will unlock some serious fun as you work together to solve the puzzles and get out of the room in time. It will test your love. It will strengthen your bond. It will… be a break from the usual date night routine, in exchange for something more original and more memorable. 

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Mystique Dining

Put the magic back into your romance at Mystique Dining. Literally. Because it’s a magic show and… well, you get the point. But this isn’t just any magic show. Top magicians (think Vegas headliners) frequent this special Utah spot. Add to that, a delicious five-course meal, an intimate setting, super cool decor... it all comes together to create one enchanting evening! 

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Mystique Dining

The Kissing Bridge

Whether you test your puzzle prowess at A Great Escape, dine with the divine at Mystique, or a combination of both (for those who really want to go big with their date planning!), a stop at The Kissing Bridge is definitely in order. Yes, there’s the sweet photo-op aspect, but it’s more than that. It’s the charm of a covered bridge, crossing duck-filled waters, tucked away in a Village that is somehow set apart from the rush of city living that makes this spot so unique. It likely sounds a bit cheesy to say, but these elements will add a fairytale-like ending to any outing you plan. 

The Kissing Bridge at Gardner Village

Date Champion

So, Valentine’s Day is just two short days away and you have nothing planned? Big deal! Gardner Village has your back and will transform your date status from “woefully overlooked” to “booked and off-the-hook!”

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Sending Love

With all of this love in the air, it seems only fitting to send our love to you. Thanks for making Gardner Village what it is. We love seeing the stories and photos of your visits on Facebook and Instagram, and we love seeing YOU when you’re here. Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, we wish you a lovely weekend, QTpie! 


Megan Hoeppner

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