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Wednesday Mar 27 2019

A decorated fireplace mantel isn’t the only way to reflect the signs of the season in your home. Your beds and sofas can also get in on the seasonal celebrating. The experts in all things cozy at Layers Bedding have three simple tips to help transform your home into a spring scene. 


THINK SPRING TIP #1: Make Your Home Smell Like Spring 

Swap heavy winter/Christmas candles for a fresh spring fragrance. Whether you fancy floral, always pick fruity, or have a thing for the smell of clean, a lighter fragrance can make your entire home feel flirty and fancy free. 

fresh fragrances

Ripe for the pickin', you'll find a bunch of new candles, room sprays, and more at Layers Bedding. Aren't the pineapple and rose candle holders divine? (Note to Self: Remember these for Mother's Day!) 


THINK SPRING TIP #2: Bring the Outdoors In 

Houseplants are instant mood boosters. Well, healthy ones, that is. If your thumb lacks a healthy green glow, you can always opt for the artificial. Anymore, it’s tougher and tougher to spot a fake. If plants in any form aren’t for you, floral, leaf, or tropical bedding can also turn your bedroom into an indoor oasis. 

spring home decor

Need help planting your indoor garden? CF Home carries artificial succulents, flowers, and other greenery, including these pretty petals and the amazing hobnail holder. 


THINK SPRING TIP #3: Less is More

Warmer days = lighter layers. Put away anything that feels wintery (thick knit throws, fur blankets, heavily textured pillows, and other cold-weather elements). Heavy layers will likely go unused and can leave your home feeling cluttered during the warmer months.

Here, a comfy chair (available at Down to Earth) is dressed in its winter best--a knit accent pillow and a heavy throw (both available at Layers Bedding). 

Down to Earth

With a simple change in accessories (a lighter coverlet and a decorative pillow sporting a floral pattern, both available at Layers Bedding), furniture is instantly ready for the finest spring fling! 

home decorating tips

It doesn’t take much to spring into a feeling of freshness and renewal. Any of these simple adjustments will change the entire feel of your home and brighten the moods of all who are lucky enough to enter. Find plenty of spring colors, patterns, and aromas to adore in store at Layers Bedding, or shop the Layers Bedding website for sampling of our favorites. 

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Megan Hoeppner

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